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Out of Hours (OOH) working approval

Apply for out of hours (OOH) working approval for construction and street works to be carried out outside normal working hours.

Published: 4 February 2021

Last updated: 26 July 2021

Out of Hours (OOH) working approval is required for any work taking place outside of the standard working hours in Westminster. There are also temporary measures currently in place to allow extended working hours under planning legislation.

Standard hours are:

  • Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday, 8am to 1pm

Sunday and bank holidays are considered outside standard working hours.

OOH working approval applies to:

  • work taking place for 3 days or less
  • construction sites not registered under the Code of Construction Practice (CoCP)
  • utility work by statutory undertakers
  • works taking place on highways and Transport for London routes (TLRN)
  • other works like the use of cranes or cherry pickers, scaffolding works, façade cleaning etc.

OOH approval does not apply to emergency work.

To allow enough time for processing, OOH working application for non-emergency work should be received:

  • at least 3 working days before works commence for planned minor and standard street or utility works
  • at least 10 working days before commencement  for all other works

If noisy OOH works need to take place over more than 3 days or nights, a Section 61 prior-consent form is required - check the Code of Construction Pratice for details.

How to apply

Completed OOH working application form should be submitted via email to [email protected]

The application form also contains guidance on how best to meet the minimum requirements for approval based on the type of work being undertaken. Please keep the document in Word format and do not convert to a PDF.

Check our map to find which properties that need to be notified about the work

Check our good practice guide for OOH works for help.

Approved OOH works that fail to implement agreed environmental control measures will be stopped. The council can take enforcement against businesses and contractors that conduct noisy works outside the agreed hours without prior approval.

Emergency works

An application is not needed for emergency works, but please inform us at [email protected] as soon as possible, and at the latest by 10am the day after, if works have already commenced. You must provide justification and include noise mitigation measures. Officers can then advise on any further mitigation measures needed for ongoing or future works.

You should also notify the affected residents as soon as possible.

Planning approval

The Business and Planning Act 2020 includes legislation to make extensions to working hours as a temporary measure until 1 April 2021. Applications can only be made by emailing [email protected]. You'll need to provide information as laid out in the government's guidance on construction working hours, which outlines a fast track ‘deemed consent’ route to amending an existing planning condition and working hours.