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Apply for a trade parking permit

You can apply for a trade parking permit online, either in advance or on the day it is required.

We have recently upgraded our system for purchasing Trades Permits. You no longer need to provide the vehicle registration mark (VRM) prior to completing the payment. Once you have purchased a permit, you can easily add or remove a VRM by updating the permit in the “My Trades Permit” section of your account.

Apply online

Find out if you are eligible and how much it costs, and apply online: 

Apply for a permit

To check which controls are in force for the day of your permit, please refer to our parking zones and prices and bank holiday parking controls pages.

What you'll need to apply

  • the address and parking zone where the work or service is being carried out 
  • description of the work or service 
  • vehicle registration number (permits are non-transferable between vehicles) 
  • dates the permit is required (once an application has been submitted, that date can't be changed) 
  • your contact details 
  • payment method (debit or credit card for online or phone applications, cheque for postal applications) 

You can also watch a video of how to apply for a permit below:

Penalty Charge Notice

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued if it is not apparent to the Marshal that the vehicle/permit is being used by a tradesperson carrying out works or services to premises. 

The same will apply if the permit is being used in any location other than a resident, shared-use or paid-for parking bay in the zone for which the permit applies. 

To find out why Parking Services needs to collect and store personal data, how this is used and your rights to access your information, please refer to our privacy notice

Published: 20 January 2021

Last updated: 29 September 2023