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Parking prices

Current tariffs that apply to on-street paid-for parking bays

The way we charge for parking has changed from Monday 8 April 2024. Pay-to-park tariffs are now primarily based on your vehicle's CO2 emissions levels.


EV and PHEV concession

Under emissions-based charging, the concession previously afforded to EVs and PHEVs whereby the bay's maximum stay period could be obtained by the purchase of 10 minutes' parking has been withdrawn. This information on the signage has been overlaid and is no longer displayed.  

Prices on signs

We have traditionally displayed parking charges on our street signage. However, to accommodate emissions-based charging we have overlaid this information with a message directing users to the Westminster website. Under emissions-based charging, each vehicle will be charged dependent primarily upon their Carbon Dioxide emissions levels so the charging information would be difficult to convey on a small sign. An example of the overlay is below.

Published: 22 March 2024

Last updated: 8 April 2024