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Low Emission Neighbourhood Initiatives

The Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) in Marylebone will help deliver cleaner air and a greener city.

Our diesel surcharge scheme operates in all zones across the City. The scheme, which applies a 50% surcharge on pre-2015 diesel vehicles paying to park, and which has been in operation in F zone since June 2017, is part of the council’s ongoing work to improve air quality in Westminster. 

In 2016 Westminster City Council and partners were successful in obtaining funding from the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund to create a Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) in Marylebone. This includes a whole range of green innovations that will help deliver cleaner air and a greener city.

The creation of the LEN provides us with an opportunity to test new parking-related initiatives in a controlled and measurable way, thereby informing any decision to roll these out on a city-wide basis. 

Diesel vehicles

As part of this drive to create a greener city and improve air quality, Westminster operates an emissions-based charging for diesel vehicles parking within the Marylebone LEN and elsewhere across the city. 

From 26 June 2017, a 50% surcharge has applied to pre-2015 diesel vehicles paying to park in resident parking zone F (Marylebone, Hyde Park and Fitzrovia).

Resident parking zone F
Resident parking zone F PDF, 1.82 MB, 1 page


If your vehicle is a pre-2015 diesel vehicle, the surcharge is added automatically at the point of purchase of your parking time. The scheme was subsequently rolled out city-wide from August 2019. 

Marylebone is situated among some of London’s most polluted roads and the area as a whole suffers from some of the highest levels of air pollution in Europe. The 50% surcharge level has been proposed to deter the heaviest polluting vehicles from parking in the zone. 

Other steps we are taking

  • expansion of on-street electric charging provision 

  • deployment of Air Quality Champions to support the wider anti idling work of the parking services team and the wider council 

Further information can be found in the Parking-Related Low Emission Neighbourhood Initiatives Cabinet Member report. 

Published: 16 January 2021

Last updated: 29 August 2023