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Contact parking services

Contact us about a parking related issue.

If a protected characteristic, listed in the Equality Act 2010, or another condition makes it difficult for you to challenge or pay your Penalty Charge Notice, we will consider what reasonable adjustments we can make to assist. Contact: [email protected] or 0207 823 4567.

Parking tickets

If you have received a penalty charge notice (PCN) you can:

Parking Permit documentation and proofs

To send us documentation and proofs for new parking permit applications and renewals, please email attachments to: [email protected] with the vehicle registration number in the subject line.

Report a vehicle that is causing a problem

Report a vehicle: online form (24 hours)

Cashless phone parking enquiries

Telephone: 020 7125 9090

Report a suspension issue

Report an out-of-date suspension sign, incorrect information on a sign, damaged or stolen signs, instances where work appears to be taking place in a suspended bay, unauthorised skips or activity taking place in a bay with no sign.

Suspensions: online form

Challenge a parking policy in Westminster

As part of our traffic network management duty under the Traffic Management Act 2004, we provide the facility for any member of the public to challenge our parking polices or the parking restrictions in place for a specified location by means of a petition.

Details on how to go about organising and submitting a petition, the steps involved and the rules concerning them can be found in our Petitions pages.

Permit fraud

Report permit fraud: online form

Telephone: 020 7361 2777

General enquiries

Online enquiry form

Telephone: 020 7823 4567, Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 8pm.

To find out why Parking Services needs to collect and store personal data, how this is used and your rights to access your information, please refer to our privacy notice.

Published: 25 January 2021

Last updated: 9 January 2024