Noise and planning criteria

Planning applications

Noise from proposed developments and change of use.

Proposed developments and the change of use of a property can cause a negative impact on the noise level in an area.

Planning policies are in place to protect noise sensitive properties from excessive noise levels and reduce background noise levels where they exceed those recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Further information can be found in Chapter 9 of the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) and Strategic Policy S32.

Environmental Health will be consulted on planning applications that have the potential to impact on noise levels and will make recommendations as to which standard conditions (C46-C50) should be imposed on planning permissions.

Noise Report

If your proposed development or change of use might affect noise sensitive properties you will need to submit a noise report with your planning application.

An acoustic consultant can help you with this and both the Institute of Acoustics and the Association of Noise Consultants can provide you with details of consultants in your area.

To discuss the relevant noise criteria please email the Environmental Sciences Team at

Last updated: 24 May 2016