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Waste strategy

Find how we manage waste, and our plan to reduce, reuse, and recycle more.

Municipal Waste Management Strategy 2016-2031

Our Municipal Waste Management Strategy 2016-2031 provides a detailed strategy including how we are currently tackling this issue. 

The main goals of Westminster’s waste and recycling services is to provide effective and efficient management of municipal waste, increasing our recycling rate and limiting our impact on climate change and the environment.  

Our aims include: 

  • to maximise the management of waste in the top 3 sections of the waste hierarchy - reduction, reuse and recycling 

  • to achieve conformity with the national and London-based strategies where practicable and cost effective to do so. 

Our municipal recycling rate in 2018/19 was 21.7%.  

Published: 14 December 2020

Last updated: 25 January 2021