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Westminster Council secures record fines for nuisance pedicab drivers

A line of pedicabs waiting outside Selfridges Department Store on Oxford Street

Published: 16 June 2022

Fines for five riders are the largest given out to pedicab drivers in central London

Five pedicab operators have been issued the largest fines to date following enforcement action by Westminster City Council, in partnership with Metropolitan Police, at City of London Magistrates Court under the Control of Pollution Act, 1974.

In this latest round of prosecutions, fines, costs, and victim surcharges ranged between £684 to £2,019 for five individuals, with a total of £5,682 handed down.

This is a significant increase from previous prosecutions earlier this year, highlighting the council’s continued commitment to tackling the issue. One pedicab driver was caught on consecutive operations in the West End playing excessively loud music from a loudspeaker. They were fined almost twice as much as the others to reflect the fact that they were a repeat offender.

Additionally, one individual was fined £1,018 for playing loud music causing an annoyance, the same rider who charged two individuals £180 for a three-minute ride back in February 2022.

Over the last year, more than 50 pedicab drivers have been reported for prosecutions. The council’s City Inspectors, alongside the police, have moved hundreds of drivers on for creating serious accessibility issues by blocking the pavements in popular areas such as Covent Garden, Soho, Leicester Square, Chinatown and Mayfair.

Councillor Aicha Less, Deputy Leader, Cabinet Leader for Communities and Public Protection said:

Pedicabs are an unlicensed nuisance and drivers regularly block pavements, play loud music and charge extortionate fares.

We want people visiting the West End to have fun and to be safe, and the council will continue to work with the police to take action against antisocial pedicab drivers.

I’m pleased that our enforcement action has resulted in these drivers being issued with record fines.