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Updated Statement on Night Stars volunteers

Cllr Aicha Less, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Protection said:

“We have met with the Metropolitan Police to discuss the arrest of our Night Stars, about which we have been deeply concerned. We are pleased to confirm that all three of our volunteers, who provide such a valuable service to the community, have been released without charge and will not face any further action. 

"In addition, the Leader of the Council, Cllr Adam Hug, has also written to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police today, setting out the reasons for our concerns about the handling of this matter. He has also requested an apology is made to the three volunteers.

"We continue to offer our Night Stars our full support and are also mindful about the potential impact of this matter on our night safety work, much of which is reliant upon members of the public giving up their free time. That’s why we will continue to work with the Metropolitan Police to keep the city safe and to learn from this unfortunate incident.”

Published: 9 May 2023