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Employment opportunities during COVID-19

Published: 20 January 2021

Over the past couple of months, we have witnessed furloughs and job losses across the country. But through it all, some employers within Westminster have remained committed to not only preserving jobs but responding with a solution. Some of these proactive businesses include Heart of London Business Alliance (HoLBA) and New West End Company (NWEC).

They created the social distancing ambassador (SDA) role. A safeguarding position that would assist the West End Business Improvements Districts (BIDs) get the city up and running after the impact of COVID-19. The SDA’s would act as city ambassadors; handing out hand sanitiser, personal protective equipment (PPE) and information. Those in the position were also required to monitor visitors of the City, ensuring they are practicing social distancing and checking retail shops to make sure they're not overcrowded.

Nikoletta Gjergji, an employer relationship manager at WES Jobs and Training was the recruiter for the role. She worked with partners across Westminster and Westminster Employment Service to locate the best residents for the position. Through her dedication and collaborative working, she managed to secure jobs for 19 residents.

With the precarious nature of the employment market, new roles are always emerging. To register your interest and ensure that you are contacted if a role does emerge, send an email with your CV to [email protected]