Westminster’s civil enforcement officers (CEOs) are now termed ‘marshals’. Marshals are fully qualified CEOs, authorised by Westminster City Council to enforce road traffic contraventions. Marshals however will have a new ambassadorial role.

Their duties differ from traditional CEOs in that a marshal’s main function is to educate motorists and help them comply with traffic regulations. As well as educating and assisting the public, marshals will also be managing kerbside spaces, and establishing a positive working relationship with drivers, residents, businesses, workers and visitors. This will be key to ensuring good traffic flow.

Enforcement will be carried out as necessary or when rules and regulations are continuously being ignored. Issuing Penalty Charge Notices is just one of a number of powers available to the marshal.

Leicester Square marshals

Marshals have a vital role in Leicester Square. They help manage vehicle access to the square and the safe movement of vehicles around it to ensure that priority is given to pedestrians to enjoy one of the most popular tourist sites in Westminster. Check the Leicester Square vehicle access map for more details.

Marshals will be on duty in and around the square at all times. They will be able to answer questions and help with the flow of traffic by giving guidance on where to park and access points, for example:

  • deliveries and services will only have access between 6am and 10am, Monday to Sunday
  • a vehicle weight limit of 18t is in place
  • entry to the square is permitted at the North East and South West corners only
  • movement around the square is one-way
  • vehicle free zones are in place at all times (see Leicester Square vehicle access map for details)

Generally access to the square for deliveries or servicing outside of these hours will not be permitted. It is the responsibility of the business owners to ensure their delivery and servicing suppliers are made aware of the access times.

Last updated: 30 October 2019