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There are 5 markets in Westminster that require a street trading licence to trade. On top of this, in the heart of Soho, we have the Rupert Street market which is available for themed markets or events.

Please read on for more information about each market.

1. Strutton Ground Market SW1


Bustling lunchtime market that entices many of the surrounding workers, local residents and tourists

Times Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
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Commodities on sale

A variety of hot food stalls and coffee, clothing, clothing accessories, flowers and plants, jewellery and footwear

    Find out what vacancies are available at the Strutton Ground market.

    2. Tachbrook Street Market SW1


    A varied market selling a mixture of staple and luxury foods and household goods


    Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm

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    Commodities on sale

    Fish, meat, cheeses, fruit and vegetables, household goods, women's clothing and a variety of hot food

    Find out what vacancies are available at the Tachbrook Street market.

    3. Maida Hill W9


    Maida Hill is Westminster’s newest council-operated market which looks to support local employment. We are looking for this market to provide a diverse range of commodities to meet the needs of the local community and attract new people to the area to increase vibrancy.


    Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm

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    Commodities on sale

    There are currently a variety of food and non-food stalls operating at Maida Hill, selling handmade cards and gifts, fruit and veg, fishmonger, household goods, ladies' fashion, take away food, flowers and plants stall, second hand clothing stall, cosmetics, luggage and leather goods and charity stalls every Tuesday.

    Further information

    ​We are actively seeking new traders for Maida Hill, especially on Saturdays, and are currently looking for the following commodities; teenage clothing, footwear, men’s clothing, festive decorations, board games and puzzles, bagels and rolls and vegetarian dishes. We would welcome applications from local residents and start-up businesses.

    Find out what vacancies are available at the Maida Hill market.

    4. Church Street NW8

    About A community-oriented market with 220 trading pitches on Saturdays and 154 pitches on week days
    Times Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm
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    Commodities on sale

    Clothing, accessories, household goods, jewellery, luggage, leather goods, fish, hot food, fruit and vegetables

    Further information: Monday to Friday

    We are currently unable to accept proposals for the sale of fruit, vegetables and wet fish in Church Street. Luggage, handbags and jewellery are also very popular commodities so may also not be accepted due to the high number of traders already selling these commodities

    Further information: Saturday

    Public realm redevelopment works are underway that are affecting the Church Street Market. We are therefore not accepting applications for street trading licences or temporary licences for Saturdays (other than from a registered casual trader) and we are not accepting applications from existing traders who wish to vary their licences to change their trading location until the works are complete.

    Find out what vacancies are available at the Church Street market.

    5. Berwick Street W1

    About One of London's oldest markets dating back to the 1800s
    Times Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm


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    Current commodities

    Non-food: Peruvian knitwear, flowers and plants, vintage clothing and household goods.

    Fresh produce: fruit and vegetables, cakes and cookies, and dairy products

    Takeaway food: Asian street food, Greek souvlaki, Afghan food, homemade ravioli, Asian waffles, hot and cold salads, sandwiches, Mexican and Moroccan burritos, tea and coffee, Mediterranean salads and falafels.

    Find out what vacancies are available at the Berwick Street market.

    6. Rupert Street W1

    Times Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm
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    Commodities on sale

    Thai food, Mexican and Moroccan burritos

    Further information We cannot offer pitches to casual traders at this market. We are also unable to accept business proposals from individual traders (see below)
    Availability We are looking for experienced operators to run regular themed markets or events (preferably non hot-food themed).

    7. Privately Run Markets

    Pimlico farmers' market

    This food market takes place every Saturday from 9am to 1pm in an area known locally as Orange or Mozart Square.

    8. Westminster Markets Trader Handbook

    The Westminster Market Trader Handbook outlines the application process and associated fees for all traders who wish to apply for a licence. 

    Download the Trader Handbook (PDF, 1.75MB)

    Last updated: 20 March 2019
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