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Community Events Fund

Funding is available for communities in Westminster to lead and organise events.

We recognise the importance of communities being able to organise events of cultural significance as well as events that promote community cohesion and integration. Therefore, funding has been made available for communities in Westminster to lead and organise events. These can be:

  • cultural events
  • events that raise awareness of issues that affect the community
  • events that bring communities together for collective reflection.

The Community Events Fund will offer financial support to organisations to help deliver new events in the City of Westminster.

The fund can be used to book a space or pay for other associated event costs. For each event, a maximum of £2,500 will be made available, or for collaboration between organisations grants of up to £5,000 will be available.

We are keen to develop an interesting and successful year-round events calendar and would like to encourage new community leaders and groups to come forward.  As part of this ambition, we are keen to see new events that will complement the existing offer.

Who can apply

  • registered charities and CICs with sound governance and accountability structures
  • Individuals affiliated to a registered group in Westminster who lives or works in Westminster and volunteers their time to help and support others can apply where no suitable organisation can be found.

What we can fund

  • costs of venue hire and other related event costs
  • refreshments for consumption at the event
  • small items of expenditure for activities
  • any other reasonable expenditure directly relating to the activity or event.
  • Staffing costs related to the event

What the fund will not pay for

  • private events, for example birthdays, christenings, graduation
  • political events or campaigning
  • profit-making or fundraising activities
  • running costs including salaries not related to the event
  • Transportation costs, storage or delivery fees

The fund will not cover costs for any event that may be perceived as non-inclusive or could cause the Council reputational damage.

Apply for the Community Events Fund

Applications for this round of funding have now closed. The fund will re-open in April 2024.

Published: 28 February 2023

Last updated: 2 October 2023