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Properties you can bid for

If you are household that has been accepted for housing, read how to bid for a property in order to be re-housed.

Published: 31 December 2020

Last updated: 31 December 2020

We operate a Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme which means households that have been accepted for housing, need to bid for a property in order to be re-housed. Some households will not participate in CBL, such as households that require a property suitable for a wheelchair user. 

View Westminster CBL properties

Applicants are shortlisted for properties according to their mobility category, priority points and length of time waiting. The household position one with the most points and appropriate mobility category will be offered the property. If they decide they do not want the property, it will be offered to the household in position 2 and so on until the property is accepted. 

Size of property

You can bid for properties with the number of bedrooms your household qualifies for. Sometimes you can bid for a smaller property, but you are not allowed to bid for a property larger than you need.

Many housing associations have their own bedroom allocation policies. These are often different from the council's bedroom allocation policy. Depending on the number, sex and age of the people in your household, you may not qualify for certain housing association properties.

Types of tenancy

There are two types of landlord providing homes for people on Westminster’s housing register: the council and housing associations (sometimes called registered providers). Each offer different types of tenancy. Our fact sheet explains more about the types of tenancy each landlord offers.

Fact sheet PDF, 87.31 KB, 2 pages

Following an introductory tenancy, most new council tenancies will be flexible tenancies for a fixed term of five years. At the end of the fixed term there will be a review to decide if the tenancy should be renewed, at the same or another address.

Number of properties

You can bid for as many properties as you like, but in any one week, you can only be shortlisted for your top three.

Mobility categories

We have given every applicant and property a mobility category. Advertisements for properties will show the mobility category.

Household status Property status
Category 1: those who use a wheelchair all the time Category 1: property is fully wheelchair accessible
Category 2: those who use a wheelchair some of the time Category 2: property is suitable where a member of the household uses a wheelchair outside the home but can manage in the home without one
Category 3: those who require level access accommodation with no stairs Category 3: no more than three stairs to access property and no internal stairs. May be lifted
Category 4: everyone else Category 4: all other properties

Your mobility category affects the type of property you can bid for.

Properties that are suitable for wheelchair users (mobility category 1 and 2) will not be advertised through CBL and applicants requiring these properties will be given a direct offer of suitable accommodation. Mobility category 3 applicants will be prioritised above mobility category 4 applicants for a mobility category 3 property.

Your mobility category Mobility category of properties you can bid for
3 3, 4*
4 3, 4

*Properties classified as mobility category 4 are not likely to be suitable for those registered with mobility category 3. See individual adverts for more information.

If you think you may have the wrong mobility category, please complete a medical assessment form and return this to the Housing Solutions Service. Please do not get a doctor's letter - we will contact your GP directly if we need more information.

Once we have assessed your mobility, we will write to confirm whether we have changed your mobility category. This process usually takes around 10 working days, though it can be longer if we have to contact your GP or other medical professional.