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COVID-19 advice and information

Find advice and information on COVID-19 and housing services.

Published on: 25 January 2021

Last updated: 25 March 2021

Working safely: repairs and major works

If you are expecting us to attend to carry out a repair or a safety check, you must inform us if your household has symptoms of COVID-19 or if you are isolating or shielding. We will then assess and agree with you on how we will carry out your repair while keeping your household and contractors safe.


From 1 April, residents can request non-urgent repairs. Expected time to get an appointment for repairs are shown below.

Repair Type Expected time to get an appointment
Immediate 2-4 hours
Emergency 24 hours
Urgent 3 days
Non-urgent repairs 20 days

We continue to complete annual gas and smoke alarm checks. Please keep your annual appointments and contact us if you need to reschedule. 

Please note, all leak post-inspections within homes are on hold until further notice.

Find out more about repairs, including types and responsibilities. 

Major works

Major works continue onsite and in planning, with dedicated webpages for each project. As always, we are consulting with residents on each project so they are kept up to date, can raise concerns and get answers quickly. 

Formal consultation processes continue as normal so that leaseholders can make observations and have a say on proposed work.

For questions about your leaseholder bill, please contact us directly.

Working safely

When carrying out work of any kind such as repairs or major works, we comply with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 at all times by:

  • carrying out a COVID-19 risk assessment which is available to all workers and residents by request
  • introducing cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures (such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)) in line with guidance
  • taking all reasonable steps to help people work from home where possible
  • taking all reasonable steps to maintain social distancing guidelines while working
  • doing everything practical to manage transmission risk where social distancing cannot be maintained

We do not test contractors for COVID-19, but they must complete a health assessment daily. They will not be permitted to work for 14 days if they report symptoms.

As a minimum inside buildings and homes, contractors will maintain the two metre social distance guidance and wear PPE, including gloves, FFP2 face mask and eye protection. If a resident is clinically vulnerable, isolating, or shielding and it is essential for us to complete a repair, coveralls and over boots will be used. Our contractors use hand sanitiser and have cleaning materials to ensure surfaces are cleaned before and after work.

When making the appointment, you will be asked to clean down all contact surfaces in the working area and to ventilate the room. On arrival, contractors will confirm that this has been done. Please maintain a safe distance with contractors during the appointment. 

Please note: 

  • you are responsible for some repairs
  • you will receive notice before we work in your communal areas
  • we will never cold call you at your home 
  • we will ask you in advance about the health of household members
  • our contractors must provide identification before entering your property