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Building safety in the buildings we manage

We prioritise resident welfare, employing a dedicated Safety Team for residential buildings managed by us.

Following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017, the Government commissioned an independent review into building regulations and fire safety. The independent review highlighted the need for stronger regulations for high-risk residential buildings (7 or more storeys or that are 18 metres or higher). As a result, the Building Safety Act 2022 was enacted, incorporating many of these recommendations.

This page is dedicated to Council owned residential high-risk residential buildings as defined in the Building Safety Act 2022. We have a separate page for safety in private-sector residential buildings.

Resident Engagement Strategy

Our primary goal is prioritising our residents’ welfare and putting you at the heart of what we do. Our Building Safety Resident Engagement strategy outlines how we will keep you informed about building safety procedures and make sure you can communicate any concerns to us.

Strategy objectives

Through our resident engagement strategy, we aim to ensure residents:

  • Feel safe in the buildings they live in.

  • Know what do in the event of an incident in the building they live in.

  • Can communicate with key building safety contacts at the council.

  • Understand the responsibilities of both the council and residents in maintaining a safe living environment.

  • Know how they can participate and the benefits of being involved in building safety.

  • Are communicated with in a clear manner that is easy to understand.

  • Can make a complaint if concerns are not being listened to.

Gathering resident feedback

The Resident Engagement Strategy is a live document, which we will regularly review and update based on feedback. We are eager to get your insight into the strategy, to understand if it is clear and if there are areas we can improve. Please provide your feedback to our dedicated Building Safety Team [email protected].

Building safety information packs

A key element of our strategy is to create a bespoke building safety information pack for all our high rise buildings, providing comprehensive information to residents about your specific blocks.

So far, we have visited 6 buildings to understand your needs, and get input into creating the information packs. These buildings are:


The bespoke information packs will be posted directly to all residents, and are also available in PDF format above.

We will continue to visit more high-risk buildings across the coming months and will be publishing more bespoke building safety information packs following consultation. Please continue to visit this webpage for further updates on consultation dates for your building.

Contact us

If you have any concerns about your building’s safety, please contact our Building Safety Team on: [email protected].

0800 358 3783

Join our Building Safety Resident Panel

Do you want to help inform our work on building safety? Our building safety resident panel is where residents of our high-rise buildings come together to discuss and consult on building safety matters. If you would like to be part of the group, email us at [email protected].

Published: 10 November 2023

Last updated: 20 June 2024