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Community Champions

Volunteer-led activities to promote health and wellbeing in our local communities.

What is a Community Champion?

Community and Maternity Champions are local volunteers who give their time to bring communities together and support the health and wellbeing of their families, friends, neighbours and wider community.

They do this in a host of ways, including running activities, events and public health campaigns, often becoming the ‘go-to’ people in their communities for support and information. The champions work in partnership with the NHS and other voluntary sector services to signpost residents to services and improve access.

Interested in becoming a Community Champion? Get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]

    End of year highlights and reports

    Volunteering opportunities and contact details


    • Office 1, Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, W10 4JL
    • Email [email protected] or call 07849 266791

    Westminster Maternity Champions

    • Office 1, Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, W10 4JL
    • Email [email protected] or call 07522 499066

    Harrow Road

    • Selbourne House, Ground Floor, 36A Elgin Ave, W9 3AZ
    • Email [email protected] or call 020 7266 3347


    • Grand Junction at St Mary Magdalene’s, Rowington Close, W2 5TF
    • Email [email protected] or call 07801 749828

    Church Street

    • PDT office, Church Street Neighbourhood Centre, Cherwell House, Penfold Street, NW8 8PT
    • Email [email protected] or call 07546 642389

    Churchill Gardens and Tachbrook

    • The Abbey Community Centre and Association, 34 Great Smith St, London SW1P 3BU
    • Email [email protected] or call 07803 779453

    Published: 7 December 2020

    Last updated: 20 October 2023