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Safeguarding adults

Information on safeguarding adults from abuse and neglect, and how to report suspected abuse or neglect.

Abuse and neglect

Everyone is entitled to live their life in safety without being mistreated, hurt or exploited by others. Abuse can take different forms, ranging from exploitation and disrespectful treatment to physical harm. 

Abuse or neglect can happen anywhere, in your own home, in a care home, in a hospital, at work, at a day centre or educational establishment, in supported housing or in the street. It can be deliberate, or the result of ignorance or a lack of proper training.

Whatever the type of abuse, and wherever it happens, it is not acceptable.

Visit our People First website to find out more information about safeguarding adults, including what to do if you suspect someone is being abused or neglected and different sources of help and support.

Reporting abuse and neglect

We take reports of abuse and neglect very seriously and will listen to your concerns and provide a prompt response.

If you are concerned that an adult may be at risk of abuse, harm or neglect from either themselves, an individual or an organisation, please contact us on:

If you’re worried about a child, aged under 18, please visit our safeguarding children website.


If you have an emergency and need immediate help, please call the Police, Ambulance Service or London Fire Brigade on 999.

If it isn’t an emergency but you need help fast, call the Police on 101

Published: 31 January 2023

Last updated: 31 January 2023