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Needs assessments

Joint Strategic Needs Assessments provide a detailed picture of the health needs of the people in Westminster.

Published: 16 December 2020

Last updated: 25 January 2021

Joint Strategic Needs Assessments

Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) are developed jointly by local health and social care partners to provide a detailed picture of the health needs of the people in Westminster. 

This information is used to identify actions that local agencies will need to take, to improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities across the borough. 

More about JSNAs

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment is a technical document used by NHS England, to make decisions about applications to open new pharmacies or to change their locations within Westminster. The assessment may also help us understand what services they can buy from pharmacies to support residents and visitors, for example, services that may help residents to stop smoking. 

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment tells us that there are: 

  • a total of 93 pharmacies in Westminster 
  • 38 community pharmacies per 100,000 residents 
  • 47 pharmacies located outside of Westminster which are within 500m of the borough border

This is a high rate of pharmacy provision and reflects the high volume of visitors and workers who may need pharmacy services. 

Read the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment