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Dog fouling

It's an offence for a dog owner not to clean up after their dog in public places such as roads, estates, footpaths and parks.

Failure to clean up can result in an £100 fixed penalty on-the-spot or prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

It's no defence to claim ignorance of the dog's actions.

The Hazards

Toxocara canis is a common parasite of dogs that can cause asthma, epilepsy and blindness.

Toddlers playing in parks are especially vulnerable as it is caught by swallowing soil contaminated with the Toxocara eggs which are spread through infected dog faeces.

Toxocara canis is preventable if responsible owners clean up after their dogs.

What you should do:

  • carry disposal bags to clean up after your  pet
  • carry bags to the nearest litter bin or park bin rather than leaving the bag at tree bases or in the road. If you can't locate a bin then please dispose of the bag at home
  • report dog fouling online

More information

You can read more about dealing with stray dogs and the animal warden service here.

Last updated: 26 September 2019