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Cycling lane extension – consultation

Find out about proposals for cycling lanes in Westminster

In 2020, the council put temporary cycle lanes in place in locations across the city to encourage people to travel by bicycle when moving around.

Without these measures, people would have been more likely to travel by car, leading to increased congestion and pollution.

The temporary cycles lanes have been monitored over the last year and modified, where necessary, to improve their operation and ensure there is a balance between the needs of all road users, including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

The council has undertaken consultation on proposals to extend a number of traffic orders which enable these temporary cycle lanes, whilst we consider longer term solutions.

We propose to extend the temporary traffic orders for a maximum period of six months.

The sites under consultation include:

  1. Portland Place (Ref: MS1)
  2. Paddington Area (Ref: MS2)
  3. Buckingham Palace Road (Ref: MS3)
  4. Abingdon Street (Ref: MS4)
  5. Queensway/Inverness Terrace (Ref: MS5)
  6. Westbourne Terrace Corridor (Ref: MS6)
  7. Harrow Road (Ref: MS7)
  8. Lupus Street (Ref: MS8)
  9. Northumberland Avenue (Ref: MS9)
  10. Paddington – Royal Oak (Ref: MS10)
  11. Bayswater Road (Ref: MS11)

View photos of each site 

Cycle lane photographs
Cycle lane photographs PDF, 4.7 MB, 6 pages

What happens next

Our consultation closed on 8 December 2021. We are now analysing a number of factors:

  • if the cycle lane improves connectivity
  • if it displaces traffic to surrounding roads
  • usage data
  • and feedback from stakeholders including residents and cyclists.

We will make a decision early in 2022 on whether to make the cycle lanes permanent or remove them.

If the council decides to retain some or all of these cycle lanes, detailed proposals will be developed on a similar basis to the temporary schemes currently in place.

These proposals would be subject to formal consultation, and this would likely take place in spring 2022.

Further information on the process will be provided on this webpage.

Contact us

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Published: 9 November 2021

Last updated: 6 May 2022