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Cultural strategy 2021 - 2025

We want to celebrate and promote culture, its creative expression through the arts, and its benefits across our city.

Our cultural strategy - 2021 to 2025

About the strategy

This Cultural Strategy is the council’s commitment over the next five years to ensuring Westminster remains a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive cultural hub. It is a continued invitation to our residents, businesses, voluntary and arts partners to work with us to create meaningful experiences and the right conditions for innovation to flourish. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for cultural engagement. It has shown us how in difficult times our common humanity and its creative expression through the arts can be a vital source of inspiration, resilience and healing.

The Strategy demonstrates we are now, more than ever, committed to doing all we can to enable Westminster’s world-class cultural and creative sector to prosper; from our placemaking initiatives – creating new and exciting public spaces– to animating the city through outdoor events, festivals and markets.

The creative potential of our young people is being nurtured by our Children’s Services and City Lions officers through a range of school partnerships, industry events and cultural enrichment activities. We already offer a range of arts and wellbeing initiatives, but our new Strategy looks at whether we can do more with others on this front.

Our vision is of a city that welcomes visitors and residents to experience our extraordinary cultural heritage alongside contemporary creative innovation and enterprise. We wish to work with partners to provide wider access to culture, greater wellbeing through arts participation, thriving creative businesses, new jobs and many more creative places and spaces. Collectively we can maximise the cultural offer across our city as we build a better future and a City for All.

Do you have a question?

Please get in touch with our Cultural Partnerships team at [email protected]