Conservation areas

There are 56 conservation areas in Westminster. They are designated by us for their 'special architectural and historic interest.'

Within conservation areas, certain additional planning controls apply. You will need to apply for planning permission for demolition and for some alterations or extensions that don't need permission outside a conservation area. See more information on permitted developments rights

You must give us 6 weeks notice before any work is carried out to prune or fell a tree in a conservation area. Seemore information on trees. 

Find out if you are in a conservation area:

The conservation area online map can be used to see what areas are affected.

See a PDF of the conservation area map

Conservation area audits

We prepare studies known as conservation area audits which provide a description of the special qualities, character and appearance of each conservation area. Audits are adopted either as Supplementary Planning Documents or Supplementary Planning Guidance

See a list adopted and draft audits, including any currently open to public consultations.

Last updated: 10 June 2019