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Connaught Village Green public space consultation FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the proposed changes to Connaught Village Green.

How will the road layout change?

Connaught Street will retain two-way traffic, with a raised table junction with Albion Street. The carriageway will be narrowed to provide wider pavements. 

Kendal Street between Connaught Street and Porchester Place will be made one-way south-west bound.   

The cycling access across the junction will be improved with tactile paving on the shared surface, cycling roundels, and buff surface treatment. 

Why is the one-way operation being implemented on Kendal Street?

The space available to vehicles is limited at the corner of Kendal and Connaught Street. The one-way system will remove the risk of left turning vehicles driving onto the new public realm and provide shorter distance for pedestrians to cross on the north side of Connaught Street, and additionally enable wider footways on Kendal Street (north).

What will be the traffic impact of the one-way operation on Kendal Street?

Currently, around 80 vehicles an hour in the AM and PM peaks turn into Kendal Street from Connaught Street. With Kendal Street one-way, some of this traffic will use Porchester Place to access Kendal Street, and some will continue on towards Connaught Street/Edgware Road. 

In a ‘worst-case’ scenario, the peak vehicle volumes on Porchester Place would be approximately 150 an hour in the PM, which is within TfL’s recommended threshold for a Quietway cycle route of 200 vehicles an hour. 

What greening is being introduced?

Four new planted areas will be introduced with outdoor seating. The planting will be bordered by a low-level metal upstand and plants will be maintained by the Hyde Park Estate. A public drinking fountain will be provided. 

What happens with the parking and loading?

Any proposed amendments to parking and loading will be subject to a formal consultation at the next stage of design. At present, the scheme proposes to make the following amendments: 

Connaught Street 

  • New 14-metre-long loading bay at pavement level 
  • 3 Pay by Phone bays to be removed for the pavement widening
  • 1 Residents’ Bay to be removed to retain loading outside Duke of Kendal pub 

Kendal Street 

  • New 11-metre-long loading bay. 
  • 1 Residents’ Bay to be removed 
  • 5 shared use bays to be removed for the central pavement widening and creation of loading bay 

Titchborne Row 

  • 2 residents’ bays to be replaced with footway 

How is cycling affected?

The cycle way between Albion Street and Titchborne Row will be improved with better signage and marking, and traffic on the approach to the junction will be calmed by the raised table crossing.

What public engagement has been done to date?

The Church Commissioners have carried out public engagement with various stakeholders such as:

  • Paddington Partnership BID
  • Marble Arch Partnership BID
  • Hyde Park Estate Residents Association
  • Connaught Village Commercial Tenants
  • Hyde Park Estate Gardeners
  • local businesses
  • residents
  • ward councillors

What other consultation will be done?

Following this consultation, designs will be updated and a formal statutory Traffic Order Consultation will follow later in the year to consult on the detailed design and formally advertise the proposals for parking and loading.

What would be the likely impact of construction?

The scheme would be built in phases to minimise disruption. 

Pedestrian access to all properties will be maintained throughout but some parking suspensions and road closures are required to facilitate safe practices and excavation. 

During construction, noise and dust will be carefully managed and a Public Liaison Officer (PLO) will be on site to inform all stakeholders about progress. The PLO will also work with commercial properties to agree timings to pave their frontages, temporary parking suspensions and answer any questions. 

How long it would take to get built and what closures are to be expected?

It is anticipated that construction of the scheme will commence in January 2024. The council will work with its contractors during the next design stages to establish the works duration and assess construction methodology that will minimise disruption.

Are any other works being done?

If the scheme is taken forward, construction will be coordinated with other planned utility repairs and maintenance.

Published: 10 March 2023

Last updated: 10 March 2023