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Community Thursdays – Bringing Housing Services to Your Door

Westminster City Housing want to engage with our residents and find out about the issues that matter the most in our communities.

Published: 15 June 2022

Last updated: 18 May 2023

Housing services staff with residents

We recently began our ‘Community Thursdays’ programme, with staff from across the various housing teams, at all levels are visiting our estates across the city every Thursday afternoon from 3pm to 4.30pm. We will be knocking on residents doors to have a chat with residents about issues that matter to them. This is so we can provide support and assistance on issues specific to your home, block, or estate. 

These visits are part of our refreshed housing service for residents. The Housing team’s recent restructure has provided an opportunity to deliver a more visible frontline service, with staff proactively engaging with residents, resident groups, and councillors on their patch. We aim to provide a transparent service, that residents can rely upon whilst also reviewing internal processes, communications, and use of technology.

We are aiming to visit every property, but this may not always be possible. If you would like to request a visit from our staff when we are due to visit any of the estates below, please contact [email protected]. We will be releasing more dates and estates every month, so keep an eye out for more in the YourHome newsletter or on this page.


11 May 2023 - 3-4.40pm

John Aird Court and Amberley Estate

18 May 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Wellington Road, Barrow Hill, Densham House, Townshend Estate, Aquilla St, Newcourt St

25 May 2023 - 3-4.40pm

West Streets, Polesworth House, Oversley House, Brinklow House, Brewers Court, Hall Park estate, Fleming Court

1 June 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Grosvenor and Regency Estate, Vale Royal, Martlett Court, Siddons and Stirling, Odhams, Egmont, Exeter, Nassau, Siddons and Stirling, Old Compton St, Irving

8 June 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Church St sites 1-4, Fisherton estate, Alpha and Earl

15 June 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Hall Park, Fleming, Brewers, Brewers Court, Brinklow, Braithwaite, Leamington, Fermoy, St Lukes, Artesian, Aldridge, Westbury, Porchester Sq, Hall Park estate

22 June 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Scott Ellis Gardens, Bronwen Court, Boundary Road, Holcroft Court, Fitzrovia Court

29 June 2023 - 11-12.40pm

Mozart, Ilbert St, Lydford, Ashmore Rd, Fernhead Rd, Drakeland House

6 July 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Kemp, Dufours, Ingestre, Greens Court, City of Westminster, Abbots Manor, Carey Mansions, Semley, Fountain, Gatliff, Russell

13 July 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Brunel, Westbourne Terrace, Gloucester Terrace, Orsett Terrace, Swanleys

20 July 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Lisson Green

27 July 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Queens Park Court, Avenues Gardens, Scottish Towers

3 August 2023- 3-4.40pm

Churchill Gardens and Pimlico Streets

10 August 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Wessex Gardens, Dorchester, Hardy, St Lukes, Alridge, Fallodon, Great Western Road, Clifford, Westbourne Gardens, Durham Terrace, Sunderland Terrace, Alexander Mews, Kildare Gardens, Newton Rd, St Stephens Gardens, Dorchester, Artesian, Ledbury Road, Chapstow Road, Talbot Rd,  Warwick Crescent, Blomfield Villas, 41 Westbourne Park Road

17 August 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Wharncliffe Gardens, Bartonway, Carlton Hill, Pembroke Terrace, Boundary Road, Sheringham and Hunstanton, Glarus, Mulready, Salisbury, Dicksee, Elmer,  Broadley St, Cotes, Boldero, Stanfield, Poynter, Frith

24 August 2023 - 3-3.40pm

Arnold, Elmfield, Sutherland Court, Kilburn Park Road, Oak Tree House, Essendine Mansions, Rayne House, Walterton Rd, Ascot and Windsor, Burlington Close, Marble House, Portnall House, Sutherland House, Wheatfield House,  Ainsworth, Macroom, Godfield, Warren Court, Juniper, Tollgate, Wingham

31 August 2023 - 3-4.40pm

Lillington and Longmoore estate and Admiral House


Westminster staff will always show their identification badges. Do not let anyone into your home who does not have an identification badge.