Examination of City Plan 2019-2040

The council submitted the City Plan 2019-2040 to the Secretary of State on 19 November 2019. The 'Examination in Public' has now started, which is the last stage of the plan-making process.

Once the City Plan 2019-2040 has been adopted, it will be the Local Plan for Westminster and will replace all current policies in Westminster’s City Plan (November 2016) and saved policies in the Unitary Development Plan (2007). It will therefore become part of Westminster’s Development Plan together with the London Plan and any made Neighbourhood Plans.

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1. What is City Plan 2019-2040?

Westminster is a vibrant city which offers a wealth of opportunities for its residents, its businesses and more than 28.5 million tourists who visit each year.

The council has prepared a new Local Plan for all these people based on key 3 themes linked to our City for All aims:

  • homes and communities
  • a healthier and greener city
  • opportunities for growth.

City Plan 2019-2040 sets out an ambitious strategy to make Westminster one of the best places to live, work and play. A city that will inspire the world.

It has been informed by several rounds of public consultation and ongoing engagement with the council’s key partners and stakeholders.

To find out more about City Plan 2019-2040 you can watch the video below and explore the following interactive documents: 

'Our approach' - summary (PDF, 444KB)
Story map - our plans for Westminster   
Interactive policies map - our spatial designations and how they affect parts of Westminster

2. The examination process

After formal consultation (known as the 'Regulation 19' stage), the council published the proposed submission City Plan and all accompanying documents to be considered by Full Council on Wednesday 13 November 2019. 

Following Full Council’s approval, the council submitted all documents to the Secretary of State for independent examination on Tuesday 19 November 2019. 

Independent examination is the final stage before the council can adopt the City Plan 2019-2040 and it becomes part of Westminster’s Development Plan, together with the London Plan and any made Neighbourhood Plans.

Throughout the examination process, the planning inspectors will examine the City Plan and assess whether it:

  • has been prepared in accordance with the council’s duty-to-cooperate
  • is legal
  • is sound
  • is well evidence based
  • can be delivered
  • is consistent with national and regional policy

The council aims to produce a new Site Allocations DPD and a series of SPDs that will also become part of Westminster’s Development Plan once adopted. ​Detailed information about the programme is set out in Westminster’s Local Development Scheme

Latest examination process update (01 April 2020)

The planning inspectors are now carrying out a preliminary appraisal of the plan and may contact the council to request further information on certain issues.

More information about the hearings will be published in due course on this page.

The planning inspectors

The Planning Inspectorate, a government body, has appointed 2 inspectors that will lead the independent examination of City Plan 2019-2040 on behalf of the Secretary of State - Kevin Ward BA (Hons) MRTPI and Luke Fleming BSc (Hons) MRTPI.

Due to the Local Plan Examination Pause period, and the consequences this has had to the timeline of the Examination, Inspector Kevin Ward BA (Hons) MRTPI has replaced Brian Sims BSc CEng MICE MRTPI.  Inspector Luke Fleming BSc (Hons) MRTPI still remains in place.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Planning Inspectorate guidance

Please see below the Planning Inspectorate's guidance on Coronavirus. This advice will be kept under review and could change at short notice to reflect Government’s wider advice. Please ensure that you check this website regularly.


The programme officer

The council has appointed Charlotte Glancy as the programme officer for the examination process. She is an independent officer working under the direction of the planning inspectors. Throughout the examination process, the programme officer will deal with all procedural and programming matters.

For all matters concerning the examination process including participation or attending hearings, please contact Charlotte in the first instance.

Email: bankssolutionsuk@gmail.com
Post: Banks Solutions, 80 Lavinia Way, East Preston, West Sussex, BN16 1DD
Telephone: 01903 776601
Mobile: 07519 628064


3. Submission documents

All the documents submitted to the Secretary of State on Tuesday 19 November 2019 are listed below. This includes the draft City Plan 2019-2040 and its statutory supporting documents, including all the responses submitted during the Regulation 19 consultation stage and the Integrated Impact Assessment. The council has also submitted the plan’s evidence base and a series of Statements of Common Ground.

The submitted draft City Plan 2019 – 2040 and Regulation 19 policies map are available to view in hard copy at all of Westminster’s libraries. Hard copies of other submission documents may be inspected by prior appointment at Westminster City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QP. Email planningpolicy@westminster.gov.uk to make an appointment.

Core submission documents

CORE_001 - Regulation 19 Publication Draft City Plan 2019-2040 (WCC, June 2019)
CORE_002 - Schedule of Proposed Minor Modifications to the City Plan (WCC, November 2019)
CORE_003 - Regulation 19 Policies Map  (WCC, June 2019)
CORE_004 - Submission Policies Map (WCC, November 2019)
CORE_005 - Schedule of changes to the Policies Map (WCC, November 2019)
CORE_006 - Integrated Impact Assessment (WCC, June 2019)
CORE_007 - Equalities Impact Assessment - Addendum to the IIA (WCC, November 2019)
CORE_008 - Statement of Community Involvement in Planning (WCC, 2014)
CORE_009 - Consultation Statement (WCC, June 2019)
CORE_010 - Consultation Statement Submission Version (WCC, November 2019)
CORE_011 - Reg 19 Full Representations (WCC, November 2019)
CORE_012 - Duty-to-cooperate Statement Submission Version (WCC, November 2019)
CORE_013 - Local Development Scheme (WCC, November 2019)
CORE_014 - Submission Notice Statement (WCC, November 2019)
CORE_015 - PAS Local Plan Route Mapper Toolkit Part 3
CORE_016 - PAS Local Plan Route Mapper Toolkit Part 4
CORE_017 - Statement of conformity with the London Plan
CORE_018 - Informal Consultation Draft City Plan 2019-2040 (WCC, November 2018)
CORE_019 - Schedule of policies

Statements of Common Ground

SCG_001 - Statement of Common Ground - Sport England
SCG_002 - Statement of Common Ground - Historic England
SCG_003 - Statement of Common Ground - Mayor and TfL
SCG_004 - Statement of Common Ground - Mayor and neighbouring boroughs
SCG_005 - Statement of Common Ground - Lambeth
SCG_006 - Statement of Common Ground - Thames Water and EA



EV_GEN_001 - City Plan Viability report (WCC, June 2019)
EV_GEN_002 - Viability Addendum 1 (50% AH) (WCC, Oct 2019)
EV_GEN_003 - Viability Addendum 2 (Commercial mixed use) (WCC, Oct 2019)
EV_GEN_004 - WCC Payments in Lieu Approach (WCC, November 2019)
EV_GEN_005 - Authority Monitoring Report 2013-17 (WCC, 2019)
EV_GEN_006 - Authority Monitoring Report 2017-18 (WCC, 2019)
EV_GEN_007 - Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (WCC, November 2019)
EV_GEN_008 - Westminster’s CIL Charging Schedule (WCC, 2016)
EV_GEN_009, 010 and 011 - Oxford Street District Strategy, Harrow Road Place Plan, Strand Aldwych Scheme


EV_H_001 - Housing topic paper (WCC, November 2019)
EV_H_002 - Housing needs analysis (WCC, June 2019)
EV_H_003 - Housing needs analysis - Technical appendix (WCC, June 2019)
EV_H_004 - Draft 5 year Housing Land Supply Statement (WCC, November 2019)
EV_H_005 - Annual Affordable Housing Statement 2019 (WCC, 2019)
EV_H_006 - Draft Housing Strategy (WCC, 2015)
EV_H_007 - Housing Strategy Direction of Travel Statement (WCC, 2015)
EV_H_008 - Church Street Masterplan (WCC, 2017)
EV_H_009 - The 2017 London Strategic Housing Market Assessment (GLA, 2017) 
EV_H_010 - London Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (GLA, 2017) 
EV_H_011 - GLA Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Topic Paper (GLA, 2017)
EV_H_012 - Prime Residential Market in Westminster (WCC and Ramidus, 2014)


EV_E_001 - Commercial Growth Evidence Topic Paper (WCC, June 2019)
EV_E_002 - Economy and Employment Topic Paper (WCC, November 2019)
EV_E_003 - Local Economic Assessment (WCC, 2014) 
EV_E_004 - London Office Policy Review (2017)
EV_E_005 - Town Centre Health Checks Report 2018/19 - Main report (WCC,  June 2019)
EV_E_006 - Town Centre Health Checks Report 2018/19 - Appendix 1: Town Centre Health Check by year of survey (WCC, June 2019)
EV_E_007 - Town Centre Health Checks Report 2018/19 - Appendix 2: Individual Town Centre Health Checks Reports (WCC, November 2019)
EV_E_008 - Town Centre Health Checks Report 2018/19 - Appendix 3: Recommended changes to designation boundaries (WCC, November 2019)
EV_E_009 - Town Centre Health Checks Report 2018/19 - Appendix 4: Evidence for the reclassification of existing "Other Shopping Centres within the CAZ" (WCC,  November 2019)
EV_E_010 - 2017 London Town Centre Health Check Analysis Report (GLA, 2018)
EV_E_011 - Special Policy Areas Topic Paper (WCC, June 2019)
EV_E_012 - Consumer Expenditure and Comparison Goods Floorspace Need in London (GLA, 2017)
EV_E_013 - Reducing the harm of Shisha: towards a strategy for Westminster (WCC, 2017) 
EV_E_014 - West End Partnership Delivery Plan (2015-2030)
EV_E_015 - West End Good Growth Study  (WCC GLA 2018)
EV_E_016 - Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Westminster 2017–2022 (WCC, 2017) 
EV_E_017 - School Organization and Investment Strategy (WCC, 2018)
EV_E_018 - Soho Public Realm Study (2014) 
EV_E_019 - Soho Heritage and character assessment (Locality, 2018) 
EV_E_020 - Convenience Retail Topic Paper (WCC, June 2019)


EV_C_001 - Parking evidence paper (June 2019)
EV_C_002 - Sustainable Transport Topic Paper (November 2019)
EV_C_003 - Walking Strategy 2017-2027 (WCC, 2017)
EV_C_004 - Cycling strategy (WCC, 2014) 
EV_C_005 - Draft Local Implementation Plan 3: Delivery Plan 2019/20–2021/22 (WCC, 2019)
EV_C_006 - Mayor’s Transport strategy (GLA, 2018)
EV_C_007 - West End Partnership Freight and servicing strategy (2018) (West End Partnership)
EV_C_008 - Parking Occupancy Survey 2018 (WCC, 2018)


EV_ENV_001 - Environment Topic Paper (WCC, November 2019)
EV_ENV_002 - Waste Topic Paper (WCC, November 2019)
EV_ENV_003 - Waste Evidence (WCC, June 2019, updated November 2019)
EV_ENV_004 - Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening Report (WCC, June 2019)
EV_ENV_005 - Draft Noise Technical guidance note (WCC, November 2019)
EV_ENV_006 - Greener City Action Plan 2015-2025 (WCC, 2019) 
EV_ENV_007 - A Partnership Approach to Open Spaces and Biodiversity in Westminster (WCC, 2019)
EV_ENV_008 - Audit of open spaces (WCC, 2016)
EV_ENV_009 - Decentralised Energy Masterplan for the City of Westminster (WCC, 2014)
EV_ENV_010 - Draft Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (WCC,2019)
EV_ENV_011 - Local Flood Risk Management Strategy 2017 - 2022 (WCC, 2017)
EV_ENV_012 - Draft surface water management plan (WCC, 2011) 
EV_ENV_013 - London Regional Flood Risk Appraisal (GLA 2018)
EV_ENV_014 - Air Quality Manifesto (WCC, 2018)
EV_ENV_015 - Air Quality Action Plan 2013–2018 (WCC, 2013)
EV_ENV_016 - Municipal Waste Management Strategy 2016-2031(WCC, 2014) 
EV_ENV_017 - Active Westminster Strategy (2018-2022) (WCC, 2018)
EV_ENV_018 - Westminster’s Code of Construction Practice 2016 (WCC, 2016)
EV_ENV_019 - Healthy Streets for London (Transport for London, 2017) 
EV_ENV_020 - Thames river basin district river basin management plan (DEFRA EA, 2015)
EV_ENV_021 - Thames Estuary TE2100 (plan) (EA, 2012)

Design and heritage

EV_DH_001 - Heritage Evidence topic paper (WCC, November 2019)
EV_DH_002 - Roof extensions Topic Paper (WCC, November 2019)
EV_DH_003 - Views background paper (WCC, June 2019)
EV_DH_004 - Building height study (Urban Initiatives for WCC, June 2019)
EV_DH_005 - Building height study appendix (Urban Initiatives for WCC, June 2019)
EV_DH_006 - Building height Topic Paper (WCC, November 2019)
EV_DH_007 - City of Westminster Archaeological Priority Areas Appraisal (Historic England, 2017)
EV_DH_008 - Conservation area audits (various documents)

4. Examination documents

This website will be updated as the plan progresses through the 'Examination in Public' process with all procedural information and documents produced by the different parties.

General administrative documents

PO-001 - Programme Officer Introductory Letter
INSP1 -  Appointed Inspectors Note 1 to Council Westminster Local Plan
WCC_LETTER_001 Response to Inspector Appointment letter
WCC_LETTER_002 Response to Q3 in INSP1
WCC_LETTER_003 Response to Para 19 in INSP1
WCC_LETTER_004 Response to Q6 in INSP1
INSP2 - Appointed Inspectors Note 2 to Council Westminster Local Plan
WCC_LETTER_005 Response to Inspector letter INSP2
INSP3 - Appointed Inspectors Note 3 to Council Westminster Local Plan
WCC_LETTER_006 Response to Inspector letter INSP3

Core post-submission documents

CORE_020 - Adopted Westminster City Plan (2016) - Added to the Examination Library as requested by the Planning Inspectors
CORE_021 - Adopted London Plan (2016) - Added to the Examination Library as requested by the Planning Inspectors
CORE_022 - Draft New London Plan Consolidated Changes Version (July 2019) - Added to the Examination Library as requested by the Planning Inspectors
CORE_023 - Local Development Scheme (WCC, March 2020)
CORE_024 - IIA Addendum Reasonable Alternatives (WCC, March 2020)
CORE_025 - Revised Schedule of Modifications (WCC, April 2020)
CORE_026 - Addendum I - Post-submission Schedule of Changes to the Policies Map (WCC, March 2020)
CORE_027 - Post-submission Draft Policies Map I (WCC, March 2020)

Statements of Common Ground

SCG_001 - Statement of Common Ground - Sport England (Submission document)
SCG_002 - Statement of Common Ground - Historic England (Submission document)
SCG_003 - Statement of Common Ground - Mayor and TfL (Submission document - Superseded by SCG_003_V2)
SCG_004 - Statement of Common Ground - Mayor and neighbouring boroughs (Submission document - Superseded by SCG_004_V2)
SCG_005 - Statement of Common Ground - Lambeth (Submission document - Superseded by SCG_005_V2)
SCG_006 - Statement of Common Ground - Thames Water and EA (Submission document)

SCG_003_V2 - Statement of Common Ground - Mayor and TfL (Supersedes SCG_003)
SCG_004_V2 - Statement of Common Ground - Mayor and neighbouring boroughs (Supersedes SCG_004)
SCG_005_V2 - Statement of Common Ground - Lambeth (Supersedes SCG_005)
SCG_008_- Statement of Common Ground - Marylebone Cricket Club
SCG_007_- Statement of Common Ground - Mayor of London (Superseded by SSC_007_V2)
SCG_007_V2 - Statement of Common Ground - Mayor of London (Supersedes SCG_007)
SCG_009 - Statement of Common Ground - Bexley Borough Council
SCG_010 - Statement of Common Ground - North London Waste Partnership
SCG_011 - Statement of Common Ground - Thames Water and EA



EV_GEN_012 - City Plan Viability Report – raw data
EV_GEN_013 - Authority Monitoring Report 2018-19 (WCC, March 2020)


EV_H_013 - Housing Supply Topic Paper (WCC, March 2020)
EV_H_014 - Draft 5 Year Housing Land Supply (WCC, April 2020)


EV_ENV_022 - Westminster Waste Data Study (WCC, March 2020)


5. Previous stages

Regulation 19 consultation

Prior to submission to the Secretary of State, the council consulted on a Full Regulation 19 publication draft City Plan 2019 - 2040 (PDF, 12MB)  between 19 June 2019 and 31 July 2019.

Consultation Statement Submission Version (WCC, November 2019) (submission document CORE_010)
Reg 19 Full Representations document (submission document CORE_011)

During this process, the council also consulted on the plan’s draft Integrated Impact Assessment that has now been submitted.

Integrated Impact Assessment (submission document CORE_006)

Informal and Regulation 18 consultation

Following the completion of a number of separate revisions to Westminster’s City Plan (in respect of basements, mixed use, special policy areas and the policies map) and the change in leadership and key Cabinet Member positions at Westminster, the council decided to undertake a full review of the entire City Plan. This provided an opportunity to renew the council’s planning policy agenda, in line with its City for All vision. It reconsidered the strategic vision, objectives, and the direction that the plan should take on a number of important areas, as well as updating facts and figures, and progressing all remaining and previously consulted upon changes as part of a single comprehensive revision, which incorporates and updates policies currently ‘saved’ in the Unitary Development Plan (2007).

On 16 June 2017 the council issued a Regulation 18 notice  to consult on the scope of the City Plan full revision. This consultation ran from 16 June to 28 July 2017.

Following this the council informally consulted on a full draft of a new City Plan between 12 November and 21 December 2018

Further information about the Regulation 18 and informal consultation process has been submitted to the Secretary of State.

Consultation Statement (WCC, June 2019)(submission document CORE_009)

To support the full revision of the City Plan, the council also consulted on a new Habitats Regulation Assessment (consultation took place in June and July 2018) and a revised and updated draft scoping report for its Integrated Impact Assessment (consultation took place between 25 August and 29 September 2017).

Habitats Regulation Assessment in the Submission Documents page (submission document EV_ENV_004)
Draft scoping report for the Integrated Impact Assessment (2017 consultation version)

Last updated: 6 April 2020