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Starting primary school from September 2024

Information on how to apply for a primary school place for reception class 2024.

Outcome of applications

All applicants will receive the outcome of their application via email. If you have been offered a school you must accept or decline your offer within 2 weeks.

Waiting lists and appeals

If your child was not offered their first preference school, they will be retained on the waiting list for any schools listed higher than the one they were offered. Waiting list positions will be available from the Admissions Team for the Community and Academy schools from 14 May.

For other schools you are advised to contact the school directly, or the borough in which they are located, for further advice about the waiting list process. 

There is a right to an independent appeal for any school that has been unable to offer a place. Please consult your formal outcome letter for more information about this process. Appeals will be held in June and July.

Late applications

The eAdmissions website is open until the middle of August for late applications. If you require a paper form, please contact the Admissions Team using the details at the bottom of this page.

Apply through eAdmissions


For you to be fully informed of the application process and how to find out more about the schools you may be interested in applying to, a handy hints and tips leaflet is available. A more detailed online brochure includes further information about individual schools and how they offer places.

This leaflet answers the most frequently asked questions and includes general guidance and signposting to more detailed information


This brochure includes:

  • the process of applying for schools, and what happens after
  • summarised oversubscription criteria for all Westminster primary schools
  • how places were offered in the previous year
  • useful information that you may need to know before your child starts school.


If you need a paper form or require further support or guidance, please call 020 7745 6433 (weekdays, 9am to 2pm) or email [email protected]

Published: 11 January 2021

Last updated: 16 April 2024