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In-year school admissions

How to make an application to a school outside normal admission rounds.

Published: 24 December 2020

Last updated: 6 September 2022

An in-year application is made outside of the normal admissions round and at a time when your child should already be attending school.

Making an application

You would make an in-year application if you:

  • have moved to, or moved house within, the borough of Westminster and need a school place
  • want to transfer your child to another school

If your child is already in school and you are considering a transfer to another school, please be aware that changing schools during term time can be disruptive to a child’s learning.

It can be particularly detrimental for children moving on from primary to secondary school (those in year 6) or preparing for their GCSEs (years 10 and 11). A move at this stage of their education is highly discouraged and should only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

We work in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to coordinate applications for schools located in the two boroughs that have agreed to participate in the ‘in-year coordinated’ process.

The rights of foreign nationals to access schools in England

The government has updated the content of their guidance for schools, local authorities and parents on the rights of foreign nationals to access school in England 

Find more information about school applications for foreign national children and children resident outside England on GOV.UK.

 It provides advice on:

  • eligibility to enter the country to access a school
  • requirements for admission authorities in processing applications (for example requirements within the School Admissions Code and the law)
  • advice on processing applications made from those living outside England but returning to live in England

Online interactive in-year admission forms

For the best results please take the following steps:

By saving the form to your computer you can save it periodically meaning you don’t need to complete the whole form in one session.

  • download the form to your computer and save locally
  • complete the form using Adobe Acrobat (or the equivalent on your computer)
  • submit the form to [email protected]

In-year coordinated process

The in-year coordinated process sets out the arrangements for  schools that have agreed to participate. Our admissions team will process all applications and will notify the outcome on behalf of schools.

In-year coordinated process scheme 2020 to 2022

Fair Access Protocol

Schools in Westminster are committed to an agreed Fair Access Protocol. This ensures that, outside the annual admissions round, unplaced children, especially the most vulnerable, are offered a place at a suitable school as quickly as possible. Under this protocol, school governing bodies may prioritise admitting vulnerable children or admit a child even if this would cause the school to exceed its normal admission number.

Primary school Fair Access Protocol 2022
Secondary school Fair Access Protocol

Send your form by post

To send your form by post, please download the printable version below, or request a paper version by contacting us.


The in-year coordinated scheme sets out the arrangements for  the admissions process for schools that  have agreed to participate. Our admissions team will process all applications and notify of the outcome on behalf of schools.

In-year coordinated process scheme 2020 to 2022

The Admissions Team holds information on place availability in schools and will seek to support the families of any child without school provision.

For further information please contact the Admissions Team on 020 7745 6432 or 020 7745 6433, or at [email protected]