Parking fees and charges

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2018 changes to kerbside permission charges (suspensions and dispensations)

​Following approval, our kerbside permission charges have increased from Monday 17 September 2018. General suspension and dispensation charges have increased by 4.3% to take account of inflationary increases since the last charging increase in November 2015. Additionally, zone B and G suspensions have converted to the premium charging banding which also applies to zones E and F.

LJUG charges have not been subject to any increases, nor have any admin charges. Skip licence charges have also been unaffected.

The new charges for general suspensions are:

Suspension duration Suspension charge for Zones A, C & D per space Suspension charge for Zones B, E, F & G per space
Day 1 £46 £50
Days 2 to 5 £50 per day £54 per day
Days 6 to 42 £75 per day £81 per day
Day 43 onwards £100 per day £109 per day

The new charges for single yellow line dispensations are:

SYL dispensation duration Dispensation charges per vehicle
Day 1 £46
Days 2 to 5 £50 per day
Days 6 to 7 £75 per day

The new charges apply to applications made from Monday 17 September 2018. 

2017 changes to parking fees and charges (tariffs and permits)

The last changes to parking fees and charges, which came into effect in March and April 2017, are set out below. They were subject to the council’s annual Parking Fees and Charges Review.

Fees and charges Price
Hourly on-street pay-to-park tariffs B zone: £2.90
G zone: £4.90
10 minute minimum pay-to-park charges A zone: 61p
B zone: 48p
C zone: 28p
D zone: 41p
E zone: 81p

F zone: 81p

Pre-2015 diesel vehicles £1.21*

G zone: 81p
Payment required in pay-to-park bays for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, to secure parking up to the maximum stay A zone: 61p
B zone: 48p
C zone: 28p
D zone: 41p
E zone: 81p
F zone: 81p
G zone: 81p
Daily trade permit charges A zone: £37
B zone: £29
C zone: £17
D zone: £25
E zone: £49
F zone: £49
G zone: £49
Yearly resident permit and other specialist permit types Resident Permit >1200cc: £145
Resident Permit <1200cc: £103
Motorcycle resident permit: £52
Doctors permit: £132
Hospital permit: £132
Monthly skip licences £78

Last updated: 20 November 2018