Parking Fees and Charges

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Changes to Parking Fees and Charges

The recent changes to parking fees and charges are set out below; they are subject to the council’s annual Parking Fees and Charges Review.

Fees and charges Price Date it started
Hourly on-street pay-to-park tariffs B zone: £2.90 Monday 27 March 2017
G zone: £4.90
10 minute minimum pay-to-park charges A zone: 61p

Monday 27 March 2017

* Monday 26 June 2017

B zone: 48p
C zone: 28p
D zone: 41p
E zone: 81p

F zone: 81p

Pre-2015 diesel vehicles £1.21*

G zone: 81p
Payment required in pay-to-park bays for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, to secure parking up to the maximum stay A zone: 61p Monday 10 April 2017
B zone: 48p
C zone: 28p
D zone: 41p
E zone: 81p
F zone: 81p
G zone: 81p
Daily trade permit charges A zone: £37 Monday 27 March 2017
B zone: £29
C zone: £17
D zone: £25
E zone: £49
F zone: £49
G zone: £49
Yearly resident permit and other specialist permit types Resident Permit >1200cc: £145 Monday 10 April 2017
Resident Permit <1200cc: £103
Motorcycle resident permit: £52
Doctors permit: £132
Hospital permit: £132
Monthly skip licences £78 Monday 20 March 2017

Last updated: 18 July 2017
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