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Your ceremony

We hope that your ceremony preparations are going to plan.

In order for us to prepare for your special day, it would help us if you could fill in this form.

Booking references are 8 digits starting with 100.
This is the person you have been talking to about your ceremony. This is not needed if your venue is Old Marylebone Town Hall.

Eg, Modern, Traditional, Romantic, Alternative. Visit A Day to Remember for script examples.

If you have made any amendments to the script, please email a copy of the final script as soon as possible to [email protected], including your names, date and time of your ceremony (or booking reference number) in the subject heading.

Alternatively, you can attach your file using the option below. 

One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, png, txt, doc, docx.
Are you having any readings?
Are you exchanging rings?
Will you have music?
At the Old Marylebone Town Hall you can have professional musicians attend to play live music in all of the ceremony rooms. 

However, any musicians present must form part of the guest quota allowed in the room - the only exception is the Westminster Room in which you can have up to 4 professional musicians in addition to your maximum guest quota. In all rooms you can have pre-recorded music on a device which can be played through our wireless speakers via Bluetooth.

If you are having your ceremony at an approved venue – please discuss your music options with the venue.

Please see our FAQs for more detail.

From 4th May 2021 onwards your mothers’/parents’ names and occupations can be recorded on your certificate as well as your fathers’ names and occupations. Please see explanation:

  • Mother(s), natural, adoptive or step parent* ​
  • Father(s), natural, adoptive or step parent* ​
  • Parent(s), this could be a 2nd female parent or when legal parenthood has been transferred by a parental order * ​
  • ​* A step-parent is a person who is, or who has been married to or in a civil partnership with the mother, father or parent. ​
On a marriage certificate your fathers’ names and occupations are recorded
Is he retired?
Is he retired?
On a marriage certificate your mothers’ names and occupations are recorded
Is she retired?
Is she retired?

For more information please view our FAQs.

Read our data protection notice to learn about how the council complies with data protection laws when processing your data.