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Support schemes for businesses

Information about financial and advisory schemes for businesses in Westminster

Energy saving for Westminster businesses

Protect your business from rising energy costs with a free bespoke energy savings plan worth £500.

Sign up to receive an energy savings plan with bespoke energy saving recommendations for your business today. An independent energy expert from GEP Environmental will review your energy bills, visit your premises and provide a report including:​

  • your baseline energy use data​
  • bespoke recommendations to reduce energy use and save money​
  • costs, payback and other benefits​ for each recommendation
  • next steps and implementation advice ​

Eligibility Criteria

SMEs can work across all sectors, but must meet the following criteria:

  • have fewer than 250 employees 
  • have a total balance sheet of less than £18m 
  • have a physical trading address in Westminster
  • is not undertaking in difficulty

Application process

The Business Energy Saving Scheme will operate on a first come first served basis to eligible businesses that provide valid completed application forms together with all of the requested documentary evidence.

Apply for the Business Energy Saving Scheme

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the energy saving scheme?

The Business Energy Saving Scheme is designed to help businesses through the current economic conditions, while supporting Westminster’s net zero and Smart City ambitions.

What specifically should I expect to see in the energy savings plan?

The plan will contain several recommendations to improve the carbon footprint and energy efficiency of the premises. This will include:

  • description of the energy-saving project
  • capital or annual cost
  • annual savings, energy and cost savings
  • payback period
  • lifetime emissions savings
  • constraints or mitigations
  • implementation and next steps

My business has multiple premises. Can I apply for each?

Yes, the business can apply for all commercial properties it uses within Westminster. However, a unique application should be submitted for each premises.

What documents do I need before applying for the saving scheme?   

For the application form, it might be handy to have a business rates bill and the details of the lease for the property, though we only ask for general information. 

For the Subsidy Control Form, you must consider whether you have already received support, for example:

  • a grant
  • a tax break
  • a loan

This also includes any other form of financial assistance from any public sector body (central, regional or devolved governments, agencies or local authorities) in the current and previous two accounting (fiscal) years. This includes support payments the company has received during the pandemic.

If the application is successful, we will ask for a basic floor plan for the site, along with the annual gas and electricity consumption of the premises.

What is the Subsidy Control Form? Why do I need to submit one?

The Subsidy Control Form asks the business to detail what support grants and payments they received throughout the year and the two previous financial years and whether the business is currently undertaking in financial difficulty (for example, is in an insolvency agreement, has an excessive debt to equity ratio).   

It is a requirement to submit the form as the Business Energy Saving Scheme represents a COVID-19 Business Grant valued at £500.  

How long will it take me to receive my savings plan?

After the application form is submitted and the Subsidy Control Form received, an assessment to ensure the business’ eligibility will take place. This typically takes no longer than a week.

The application will then get passed on to GEP Environmental who are appointed by the council to independently deliver the plan. GEP will arrange a suitable date for the review to take place. The report will then be produced and passed on within 4 weeks.

Can I get a plan for a residential property?

No, the savings plan can only take place for properties with a commercial use.

Published: 12 October 2022

Last updated: 20 February 2023