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Report food safety complaints

We can investigate issues with food bought in Westminster or from a Westminster business.

Published: 10 February 2021

Last updated: 10 February 2021

We investigate concerns and complaints about unsatisfactory food premises, food handling practices and complaints about food purchased in Westminster that poses a public health risk, such as:

  • sighting of pests such as rats, mice or cockroaches in a food premises
  • poor levels of cleanliness in kitchen, storerooms and food service areas
  • unhygienic food handling
  • food that is unfit to eat
  • contaminated food that can't be eaten (such mouldy)
  • food containing foreign objects that could cause harm (such as glass)

We understand that finding something in your food is unpleasant. Most cases are dealt with by consumers taking the product directly back to the premises from which it was purchased for further investigation. 

You should note that we are unable to assist consumers with civil claims for compensation, for this you will need to take independent legal advice.

Once you have surrendered the food to us, we will deal with the matter based on the principles of wider public health risk and proportionality. In many cases, the action taken will likely be informal and you will receive an explanation of the outcome of the officer’s investigation. If the matter warrants formal action that may result in legal proceedings you will be asked to produce formal witness statements when necessary and further details may be requested from you.

Please use our Report it app. Please note, you should report your complaint to the local authority where you made the purchase.