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Armed Forces Community Covenant

Financial support for local projects to strengthen ties between members of the armed forces and the general public.

The Armed Forces Covenant outlines the moral obligation between the nation, the government and the armed forces. This national covenant has a number of local pledges flowing from it, one of which is Westminster’s own local pledge to its armed forces community. Westminster’s pledge is one of mutual support between the civilian community of the borough and the local armed forces community. Other pledges which flow from the national covenant include ones for businesses, whose pledges will be specific to them and their local armed forces community.

Building on the work already underway in Westminster to engage with and support the armed forces community, Westminster’s Community Covenant was signed in June 2012. A Community Covenant Steering Group has been established within the council, consisting of 2 elected Members and 2 council officers. The purpose of the steering group is to oversee the development of the Community Covenant in areas such as community recognition, housing, education, employment and health.


The broad aims of the national Armed Forces Covenant are that:

  • the armed forces community should not face disadvantages compared to other citizens in the provision of public and commercial services
  • special consideration is appropriate in some cases especially for those who have given the most

The specific aims of the Armed Forces Covenant in Westminster are to:

  • encourage local communities to support the armed forces community in their areas, and vice versa
  • promote understanding and awareness among the public of issues affecting the armed forces community
  • recognise and remember the sacrifices made by the armed forces community
  • encourage activities which help to integrate the armed forces community into local life
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Published: 1 February 2021

Last updated: 1 February 2021