Youth Council

The Youth Council gives you the chance to have your say on local issues affecting you and your friends. It allows you to meet decision-makers and help young people get their voices heard.

Council priorities this year are:

  • improving how opportunities are communicated to young people
  • improving life skill lessons for young people in Westminster
  • improving opportunities for providing work experience for young people in Westminster
  • improving opportunities to young people Activities  
  • improving Leisure areas for young people 
  • gender inequality in sports
  • meeting and influencing  the people who make decisions that effect young people

1. Have your say

Is the voice of young people being heard?

Are you aged 11 to 18?

Want to have your say about things that matter to you?

Got ideas to improve Westminster’s services for your needs?

Join the Youth Council to:

  • get involved in decisions that affect you
  • meet the people who make decisions in Westminster
  • get your voice heard and have your say

The council meets every Monday at 5 The Strand, on the 3rd floor , London WC2N 5HR (next to Charing Cross Station) from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. To come along, contact Shofa Miah on or 020 7641 3010 or Abigail Murray on  or 020 7641 4406

2. Youth Council

We are Westminster's Youth Council - a group of young people aged 11 to 18 who live in, go to school in, or are looked after by The City of Westminster.

We are the voice for young people in the borough, gathering your views and presenting them to decision-makers.

We regularly meet with decision-makers to give our opinions on policies, activities and services delivered in Westminster; we are also involved in recruiting staff for many of Westminster’s services.

Read more about the Youth Council.

Joining the Youth Council

The Youth Council is open to all young people so join now to start making a difference!

To join or for more information, contact Shofa Miah on or 020 7641 3010 or Abigail Murray on  or 020 7641 4406 

3. Youth Council key dates

View Youth Council key dates

4. Westminster Youth Elections

There are around 12,000 young people aged 11 to 18 in Westminster and every year you vote for your Youth MP and Deputy Youth MP.

The 2017 Westminster Youth Elections took place between 30 January and 24 February, and saw over 45% of young people (4500 votes) in Westminster turn out to vote.

Aziz Saiq, 16, from King Solomon Academy was elected the new Youth MP, while Mohammed Awale, 17, also from King Solomon Academy, was elected Deputy Youth MP.

Aziz and Mohammed will now act as the voice of young people of Westminster, take part in the UK Youth Parliament and will work directly with key decision makers in the council to help influence and shape local services for young people.

Learn more about the Youth MP and Deputy Youth MP

5. UK Youth Parliament

As of October 2016, Westminster City Council joined the UK Youth Parliament following a vote from its Youth Council. The decision to join the Youth Parliament means that the council’s current Youth MP, Aziz Saiq, 16, is an official Member of Youth Parliament (MYP).

Formed in 2000, the Youth Parliament has around 350 members, who are elected to represent the views of young people in their area to government and service providers. Over 500,000 young people vote in the elections each year, which are held in at least 90 percent of constituencies. It is managed by the British Youth Council.

Members meet regularly to hold debates and plan campaigns at least three times locally a year and on a twice national level, which includes an annual debate within the Chamber of the House of Commons every November.

Those elected for UKYP hold the suffix of MYP (Member of the UK Youth Parliament) in their names.

6. Meet your Youth MPs

Youth MP, Aziz Saiq

I am delighted to be elected as Westminster’s Youth MP. It is a surreal feeling, so thank you to all those who have supported me. I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve over the coming year so I am keen to get out there, meet the community and all those who voted for me and start making a difference.

Email Aziz on

Deputy Youth MP, Mohammed Awale

I want to try and ensure that all young people have a say on the issues that affect them. I am really keen to work closely with Aziz in the coming year to try and achieve all we set out to do in our manifestos. It will be a team effort, not just for Aziz and I, but also the whole of the Youth Council. I look forward to an exciting year ahead.

7. Working with the Youth Council

To consult and work with the Youth Council, please download and complete this application form. The form encourages you to think through the practicalities of the consultation and give us a clear idea of your intentions.

Last updated 25 September 2018