Youth Council

The Youth Council gives you the chance to have your say on local issues affecting you and your friends, allows you to meet decision-makers and help young people get their voices heard.

1. Have your say

Is the voice of young people being heard?

Are you aged 11 to 18?

Want to have your say about things that matter to you?

Got ideas to improve Westminster’s services for your needs?

Join the Youth Council to:

  • get involved in decisions that affect you
  • meet the people who make decisions in Westminster
  • get your voice heard and have your say

The council meets every Monday at City Hall from 5.30pm to 7.30 pm. To come along, contact John Nolan on or 020 7641 4030.

2. Youth Council

We are Westminster's Youth Council - a group of young people aged 11 to 19 who live in, go to school in, or are looked after by The City of Westminster.

We are the voice for young people in the borough, gathering your views and presenting them to decision-makers.

We regularly meet with decision-makers to give our opinions on policies, activities and services delivered in Westminster; we are also involved in recruiting staff for many of Westminster’s services.

Read more about the Youth Council

Joining the Youth Council

The Youth Council is open to all young people so join now to start making a difference!

To join or for more information, contact John Nolan on or 020 7641 4030.

3. Westminster Youth Elections

There are around 12,000 young people aged 11 to 18 in Westminster and every year you vote for your Youth MP and Deputy Youth MP.

In March 2016, over 6,000 young people voted in the youth elections. Hamza Taouzzale secured 2,702 votes to become Westminster’s Youth MP. Nishat Uddin became your Deputy Youth MP, closely followed by Jasmin Khatun and Salma Sajil.

4. Meet your Youth MPs

Youth MP, Hamza Taouzzale

Photo of Hamza Taouzzale, Youth MP for Westminster

“My first steps would be to improve our facilities such as parks, youth centres, libraries and, most importantly, I will make sure that we will feel safe as a community so we can have fun with no fear. I would target specific areas that we all deem need improving. This will be done through improving our relationships with the local council. I will make sure that there are regular meetings with authoritative figures in the area at least every term. These will be face-to-face meetings with members of the council and ourselves (the young people of Westminster). Dialogue is the way forward and our views will be heard.”

Email Hamza on

Deputy Youth MP, Nishat Uddin

“I have two major areas which I aim to focus on regarding our rights and responsibilities as the youth of Westminster: our mental health and our access to education to make informed opinions on the state of our nation and, in fact, the world.”

5. Working with the Youth Council

To consult and work with the Youth Council, please download and complete this application form. The form encourages you to think through the practicalities of the consultation and give us a clear idea of your intentions.

Last updated 12 October 2016