Saying thank you to our cleaners

Cleaner thank you message

We are thanking our cleaners for the vital work they are doing to help keep our tenants and leaseholders safe.

Cleaning our 650 buildings is a big job that is delivered by a team of 130+ cleaners putting in over 5,200 hours each week to help slow the spread of Covid-19. You can find out more about how they are doing their job safely during these challenging times within our FAQ guide here.

By joining us in saying thank you, we’re focusing attention on the value our cleaners bring to improve your quality of life by keeping living areas clean, safe and hygienic.

Help us say thank you to your cleaner and the other 130 hardworking cleaners across our estates by sending a thank you message via text to +44 7781 472 821, Tweet us @WCChousing or email

We encourage you to share your gratitude with those who are making a difference. Your words of thanks can encourage and inspire, and we will share these messages here for all our cleaners to see.

Virtual 'Wall of Thanks'

"A very special thank you to Elias for keeping our building clean in these difficult times. It is very much appreciated." - Danny C, Semley House

"I would like to thank the cleaners on my estate Lillington and Longmore for the fantastic job they are doing and always do. They are here every day beavering away always happy and giving us a smile. They to have families to go home to and may be worried about travelling to and from work. Like all key workers they need to know they are appreciated." - Deb

"Thank you very much to all Westminster city council's cleaners in this unprecedented times for keeping our Estate reasonably clean."

"The cleaner for Wellington Road Estate is excellent. Not only does he clean the estate he also keeps the cigarette ends that staff at the local Deli discard. He keeps our estate in a clean well organised condition. We have a major project being built adjoining us.Thank you cleaners." - Jean M

"A big big thank you to all the cleaners on Longmoore Gardens. Every day without fail they turn up and do an absolutely brilliant job. Always ready with a smile and hello. Keep safe all of you and your families. Well done " - Cathy B

"Thank you Elias for cleaning Semley House. Your work is much appreciated especially now. And for always working with a smile. Wishing you and your family good health and happiness." - Nilima

"I most certainly wish to send my thanks to the cleaners for Brunel Estate. They are, as always, stars and always appreciated for their works here. Now more than ever of course."  - Gwyn G, Combe House, Brunel Estate

"A big thank you to Elias for keeping our building Semley House so clean. All my best wishes." - Danielle G

"Thank you"

"Thank you very much to all Westminster city council's cleaners in this unprecedented times for keeping our Estate reasonably clean." - Sarah

"I am happy to have a chance to say thank you all of the cleaners and all other people who save our society in different ways.Thank you again" - Mohammadreza

"A very big and special thank you for Elias the cleaner of Semley House, for keeping our building so clean at these difficult times. Thank you very very much" - Wiam B, Semley House

"Thank You Elias - amazing as always!" - George T

"Thanks for our cleaner"

“Here’s a toast and a huge thank you to all our buildings cleaners of Westminster!!!  All of London and the whole of our United Kingdom!!!  It’s not the most glamorous job, but it is certainly one of the most important ones!!!  You are helping us all to enjoy a safe and healthy environment!!!  For young and old to be safe in!!!  You are all especially brave and conscientious in this time of the deadly Covid19 virus which has come into our communities as a world pandemic by actually turning up for work! Thank you"

"Thanks for your good work" - Peter D-C, Devonport House

"Thank you very much to Elias, not only he is doing an outstanding work but he always have a smile for us and genuine care. Thank you" - Teresa

"May I add my voice in appreciation of the good work that the cleaners do" - Stephen R, Kimble House, Lisson Green Estate

"Thankyou for all your work at Wilkie House, SW1 - it makes all the difference"

"Thanks to those who risk their own welfare to keep us  secure in our homes. A big thank you to all."

"It's good to be able to let you know you're valued, and thank you for the good job you do." - Jen

"Sending maasive thank you for all the hard work you are doing. Using the lifts can be worrying, however knowing you guys are keeping then clean and free of COVID is just amazing. Cannot thank you enough for your support and continued effort to keeping us as safe as you can. We'll done and thank you 🙏👍" - Kimble House

"I would like to say thank to all the cleaners that work on Brunel Estate, especially to the cleaners of Keyham house, thank you for doing an amazing job with pride, my best wishes to you all" - Michael

"I would like to say thanks to the cleaner of Lutyens House in Churchill Gardens. Your continuous working nearly made me thinking that life is normal even we are in the most chaos circumstances." - Marina

"A big big big thank you to all the cleaners on Longmoore Gardens. Especially "Henry wise house" absolutely brilliant job. Always ready with a smile and hello. Keep safe, strong and blessed.🙏🙏🙏 " - MT, Henry Wise House

"I just want to thank the cleaner who does an excellent job day in day out keeping Ripley House spotless and he certainly goes above and beyond his duties in every single way. Thank you so much." - Ripley House

"This message is a thank you to our cleaner. I want to thank the team that clean the Lillington and Longmore Estate. They have always worked hard to keep this estate clean and healthy. I have been so impressed with their committed hard work during the pandemic. They show up every day and do a really hard job while always being friendly and professional. A huge thank you." - Longleat House

"I would like to thank all the cleaners in these difficult times"

"I would like to say THANKS to our wonderful team of cleaners from Amberley Estate. They are very hardworking and hands-on, always positive and polite. It is great to have them around. We are grateful for their work and keeping the estate clean, especially during these difficult times." - Downfield Close

"As one of the Councillors in Regent's Park ward I just wanted to say a big thank you to the team of cleaners who are keeping the estates in my ward and across the Borough clean and tidy. I recognise it is a difficult time for all but I know residents living on our estates will appreciate this work." - Cllr Rigby, Regent's Park ward

"As a councillor of St James ward, I wanted to send a quick thank you to all the hard working housing employees for their help - and especially those in the cleaning team. These have been very tricky times and so it’s hugely appreciated that such a fantastic level of service has been maintained. My best wishes and thanks to all involved." - Cllr Mark Shearer, St James ward 

"Heartfelt thank you to all our essential workers for never missing a day through thick and thin and keeping our streets clean through these challenging times. Together we are getting through this." - Piyali Dasgupta 

"Thank you for keeping this borough such a wonderful place to live. It's been really great being able to walk around for outdoor exercise in these surroundings. We would really like to express our appreciation for all of your hard work continuing to keep the borough clean and lovely for all of the residents. Huge thank you from both of us in Soho!" - Alice and Nick 

"I want to say a massive thanks to all the cleaners who constantly make sure that our area is clean, especially now during the pandemic. Well done!" - Maureen Salinogan 

"Thank you to Rosa and her colleagues on the Grosvenor and Regency Estate." - Julia T

"A big thanks to all the cleaners who help keeping the council zone clean. Westminster Council has shown a way of bravely working through the crisis and its an example to be emulated. - Herculean Mascarenhas


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