Why we’re allowing internet providers to connect their services

Person on internet

As the way we work and socialise changes, it is more important than ever for you as Westminster tenants and leaseholders to have access to high-speed internet within your homes to ensure that you are better connected than ever before. This is why we are continuing to allow internet providers to carry out essential work to connect more homes on our estates with high-speed internet, in support of our City for All (opens new window) commitment to be one of the best-connected cities with unrivalled internet access and speed for residents.

In line with this, internet service providers such as Community Fibre Ltd, Hyperoptic, Virgin Media and G Network may be carrying out work to connect cables in your estate and building. There is no cost to you for this. 

Work will be undertaken as far as possible and where it is safe to do so in accordance with the latest public health advice and has been classed as critical within the new government regulations and legislation in response to dealing with coronavirus. If internet providers ask to enter your home and you agree, they and you should follow the guidance on social distancing.

If you wish to get online, please contact your preferred service provider. Although we have a ‘wayleave’ agreement giving service providers access to connect their services, under telecommunications law we do not endorse any specific provider. If you choose to sign up for a broadband service, the contract is between you and the company, like any other utility such as telephone and gas services.

When work is to be carried out in your area, we will contact you in advance to let you know that it’s taking place. In the meantime, you can find more information within our online FAQ guide.