What matters most on your estate? Help create your My Estate Action Plan

Resident speaking to staff about My Estate Action Plan

“This is definitely a win-win collaboration,” said Odile Facih, a member of the Oak Tree Residents Association and one of hundreds of residents who have told us what matters most to them about where they live.

Through sharing their priorities, tenants and leaseholders are helping to form their own My Estate Action Plans – which are a log of the most common estate-based issues residents want addressed as a priority. They also outline the actions we will take to resolve each item, their progress status and overall timeframes for completion.

“I think this is a great initiative, as it enables residents to be actively involved in the management of where they live,” Odile Facih continued. “It’s definitely a win-win collaboration between residents and housing officers.

“I’m looking forward to having a My Estate Action Plan in place which is focused on real issues. One that is better prioritised and ultimately improves the shared environment of residents.”

So far, we have over 30 My Estate Action Plans in place, with many now online for residents to view and track progress.

We are continuing to capture priorities so that we have a My Estate Action Plan for every housing estate in the borough. If you have not already shared your views, contact us or watch out for a letter and email with survey information.

Find out more about My Estate Action Plans and contact us if you have any questions.