Tenants and leaseholders handbooks transformed

Image of tenant and leaseholder handbook

Read up on your rights and responsibilities in your new handbook, now online and interactive.
As a tenant or leaseholder, you must always be aware of your rights and responsibilities. To make this more straightforward and accessible, we’ve refreshed our handbooks and made them available online in an interactive format to quickly find the information you need.   
In your new tenants handbook (PDF 12MB - opens new window), you’ll find information covering everything from paying your rent and charges and your tenancy agreement, to living with your neighbours, resident involvement, and estate services.

We’ve covered service charges, buildings insurance for leaseholders, improving your property, major works and consultations, and more in your lessee handbook (PDF 12MB- opens new window). We've also included a short video explaining your lease.

Our new handbooks also cover what services we’re responsible for and what we provide to you. 
Although we’ve included as much information as possible, we understand you may still have queries, so please contact us for help.