Successfully helping residents with employment

A man on the phone

During coronavirus, we’ve been working hard to look out for our residents who may have been struggling, through providing additional support to those in need, not only with financial assistance but also by making referrals to employment services. 

By actively getting in touch with residents on a weekly basis, we have provided support to residents who are affected by the impact of coronavirus, as well as residents who were already looking for employment before coronavirus. 

As part of these calls, we check in on residents’ wellbeing and then work to identify if they are facing any particular challenges in their current circumstances. We can then offer a range of support and services by signposting to external agencies. Our team has successfully identified residents who have been impacted, whether by redundancy or furlough through our telephone conversations.
Since 29 June we have made a total of 1,062 calls and have spoken to many who are looking for employment. We’ve been able to make referrals for 393 residents onto external agencies and have received some wonderful feedback from residents who have had positive experiences, such as: 

“Shah has helped me to create a CV which I have never done in my life and has been very supportive towards my family…[by] helping my mum and my brother get the best jobs in this difficult time. I can’t thank this man enough for his wise words and full support.”

By continuing to work closely with employment services, we can make sure our residents are informed about the services available to them and continue to be well-supported.