Restarting repairs and major works safely

Restarting repairs safely

As you know, at the end of March we put non-urgent repairs and onsite major works on hold because of COVID-19 and government restrictions. Now that those restrictions are easing, we’re able to restart major works and some repairs from 1 July. 

In the next week, you’ll receive a letter and pamphlet with all the details about what we are restarting and when, and how we will be making sure of your safety at all times by carrying out works using the government ‘COVID-19 Secure’ guidance ( opens new window).

You can view copies of letter and pamphlet linked on the right of this webpage.

Repairs will restart in communal areas on 1 July, and from 7 July we’re aiming to offer in-flat electrical and plumbing repairs too. Other types of repairs will be reintroduced once we’re sure that they can be done safely. Find out more about repairs, including types and responsibilities.

For major works, we will be consulting with you and your ward councillors on each project from 2 July. You can view project specific updates online.

We also understand that although we’re starting repairs back up, you may be uncomfortable with having someone in your home to carry a repair out. To acknowledge this, we have put an interim approach in place where you can book an appointment up to 60 days in advance, instead of the usual 30. This means that you can report your repair but set it for a date that you feel comfortable with.

During this time, we welcome your feedback on how things are progressing and to make sure that we’re getting things right. We will continue to engage regularly with your residents’ representatives and ward councillors but please feel free to contact us directly with any queries you might have.