Mould Busters team are working to keep your home damp free this winter

Photo of the Bajraktarevic family

With Christmas around the corner we are ensuring tenants don’t receive an unwelcome surprise in the form of mould. Winter always brings a rise in cold, mould and condensation – so our Mould Busters team are delivering free solutions for housing tenants.

The Bajraktarevic family, who live in Westbourne Park, were experiencing damp issues. They contacted the Mould Busters service, which inspected the property and arranged for new ventilation to be put in place.

Samra Bajraktarevic said:

“We had problems with both condensation and mould at the same time. So the Mould Busters service put in new extractor fans, and even though you can’t really see them they bring so many benefits. The guys who carried out the works were amazing too, I really was impressed by their service. They helped us to decide what to do about the problem and I have never regretted it. I would recommend the service. Our life is much healthier, and I wish more people would use the service.” 

Damp and mould can cause serious problems by affecting health, comfort and well-being. The team have visited 2,000 tenant homes since they began their fight against damp in 2016 - installing everything from specialist ventilation to simple changes in the home to wipe out mould.

The experienced team have identified around 22 causes of condensation and mould. The reasons are broad, with around 70% of cases being down to older properties not having been built to accommodate modern life – for example, steam from showers and baths were not an existing issue when the properties were built. In many cases, a simple solution will make the world of difference.

There are simple changes everyone can make to help reduce condensation in their home. These include:

  • Closing kitchen and bathroom doors when in use to stop steam escaping from cooking and showering. Steam converts to moisture and can create extra damp in the air. If possible, open a window while these rooms are in use
  • Keeping your home warm can reduce condensation by helping to keep the air dry and reduce moisture
  • Dry clothes outside if possible, as damp clothing will release more moisture into the home, especially if they are hung to dry on radiators
  • Use saucepan lids when cooking to reduce the amount of steam and moisture being released (this will also help to speed up the cooking time!)
  • Spray or wash down areas affected by mould with bleach or anti-mould cleaner as mould can build up quickly. The spores released from mould can have a negative impact on health with prolonged exposure. 

Find out more, about this free service for tenants, online and book a free home visit and assessment, by phone on 0800 358 3783 or email to