Keeping our estates fire safe this summer


We want everyone to have an enjoyable summer - but a safe one too.

Summertime in Westminster City is glorious and an ideal time to enjoy and explore everything it has on offer, including our many award winning green spaces. A few simple precautions and a little extra care could keep you and your family safe and help prevent most heat and fire related dangers.

• Fire safety across our estates

The use of BBQs is not permitted in communal areas of Westminster Housing buildings, including open spaces. This is for the safety of residents and to prevent damage. You can find out more about this policy here.

BBQs are a common cause of fires at this time of year (along with smouldering cigarettes and glass bottles) and the London Fire Brigade (LFB) are being called to tackle more and more each year. Please remain vigilant and join us in supporting the LFB by doing everything you can to protect our neighbours, homes and London's open spaces.

The LFB’s tips on preventing fires in open spaces are:

• Do not use BBQs
• Dispose of smoking materials such as cigarettes and matches safely
• Clear away bottles, glasses and any broken glass to avoid them magnifying the sun and starting a fire
• Explain to children the dangers of playing with and lighting fires.

Please call 999 immediately if you see any fire, e.g. on grass, as this can quickly get out of control.

You can also report improper BBQ use including any activity in or around your building, to LFB on 020 8555 1200.

Further safety information and advice can be found on the LFB website (opens new window).