Home improvements and DIY during lockdown

Person using dewalt cordless impact driver on brown board

Lots of people have tasks that need doing around the home, especially if they have recently moved in or have new redecorating plans, with extra time on their hands to do it. More than ever, everyone should be able to enjoy living in their home, so we ask that neighbours are extra considerate of those around them.

We encourage the desire to improve your home, but you should obtain permission from us before starting the work. Providing the work is of a reasonable nature and will not put any one at risk, damage your home, any adjoining properties, or have an impact on your neighbours, you will receive written permission to carry out the work. For further information please review the home improvements and alterations sections of our website for tenants and leaseholders, or contact us.  

We understand at some point most residents will do some DIY in their homes and this can mean noise for a period of time. It is also inevitable that many of people carrying out home improvements work or are busy during the day, and need to do DIY in the evening or at weekends. This doesn't mean that work can carry on for long periods of time or go on late into the night and start early in the morning. DIY work is not considered anti-social behaviour unless it’s outside of agreed hours.

We suggest that you try to be mindful and considerate when completing noisy DIY and leave a note for your neighbours or speak to your Residents’ Association/group (if you have one) if it might go on for a long time.

Please remember there are some restrictions on what you can do and what is considered reasonable hours for work, so after receiving permission and before starting any DIY project you should check the acceptable hours for DIY noise (opens new window).

If you are disturbed by what sounds like neighbour home improvement or DIY work, we suggest:   

  • Your neighbour might not have realised you can hear them. Normally, you should try to contact them and let them know that the noise is causing a problem. But during this health situation, we ask that you contact us to do this for you and we might be able to arrange for them to do the work when you are not at home (i.e. going for a walk or buying groceries)
  • If this doesn't work and the noise is persistent (lasting longer than thirty minutes a day, more than five days a week), or at night time (after 11pm and before 7am)  you will need to formally report the problem to our dedicated noise team who have the power to deal with noise nuisance
  • If you would like to talk through the noise problems with someone independent to mediate, please contact us, as this is something we can arrange for free. 

You can also check out our full range of anti-social behaviour advice for information about things you can do to make sure you're not accidentally disturbing your neighbours, and tips about cooperating with your neighbours to resolve any problems early.

If you have any questions, please contact us.