Food waste trial a success


In November 2019, we began our food waste recycling trial with homes on Churchill Gardens estate. Since then, residents have collected over 230 tonnes of food waste for processing into soil conditioner for farmers and electricity.
The 47 food waste recycling bins were installed at 25 locations (mainly next to mixed recycling bins). By recycling food waste, residents are reducing the amount of waste that is thrown away in the general rubbish. In Westminster, general rubbish collected is sent to an energy-from-waste plant in south London, and food waste is sent to a processing plant in Hertfordshire.

Recycling the food waste that is collected helps to reduce our impact on the environment. The plant in Hertfordshire that receives the food waste use it to produce biogas, which generates electricity and heat, and biofertiliser which is used on farmland.

Based on the recycling crew’s feedback and tonnage collected, it is estimated around 45% of residents from Churchill Gardens estate are recycling their food waste, and we’ve received over 130 requests from residents asking for more food waste liners.
We’ve also received some great feedback from residents participating in the trial: 

‘I wanted to thank you for this service as recycling food is important and am grateful that this service was installed.’ 

‘Since the initiative started, I find I am actually recycling not only my food waste but more other recyclable products - paper, glass etc.  So well done!’ 

‘I just wanted to let you know that food waste recycling is a great idea and I was happy to put lots of food waste for recycling.’ 

‘I am a resident in Churchill Gardens Estate, Pimlico and make use of the very welcome food recycling service provided.’ 

‘Not only is food recycling sensible and important but you’ve made it easy by providing the residents with all the “tools” for the job, including a fair number of recycling bins situated all over Churchill Estate.’ 

‘Lovely and fast delivery’ and ‘what amazing service!’

If you are a new resident or have yet to start recycling your food waste, please visit (opens new window)
Westminster City Council provide indoor kitchen food waste bins and food waste liners for free.  If you need a kitchen bin or more liners, please email the Recycling Team directly to order: (deliveries are generally made within 5 working days).
For more information on food waste recycling, please visit (opens new window)