Fighting fly tipping together

Rubbish bags

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste in areas which are not designated for rubbish collection. From pavements to corridors, fly tipping can include anything from a bag of rubbish, to bulky unwanted or broken household items and even waste dumped from vehicles onto road areas. 

Unfortunately, fly tipping is common on our housing estates but also country-wide. Incidents of fly tipping have reached an all-time high across the UK, with over one million reported as being dealt with by local authorities in 2018.

Do you have large or bulky items to dispose of? We provide a bulk collection service which you can book online (opens in new window) – this is free to residents who receive council or housing benefit or otherwise £30 for up to six large items.  

You can also help us keep our estates clean and safe by contacting us (opens in new window) when you see fly tipping so we can remove any risk and investigate to prevent this from reoccurring.

Cllr Andrew Smith, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “Fly tipping is a serious criminal offence, which can have a harmful effect on our community. As well as blocking vital escape routes, it can result in dangerous items being left out and even attract vermin. On any scale, fly tipping has a negative impact on our homes. We encourage everyone to step forward and report incidents to us in confidence.”

As an example of us fighting this problem together, a resident of Westbourne Park recently sent a report of fly tipping to us, with a description and photo as pictured below. A large amount of wood and rubbish had been dumped into the road, which could have blocked the emergency vehicle route to a property. Following their report, we had the mess cleared up that same day.

Fly tipping example

Click here (opens in new window) to find out more about fly tipping and how we manage waste across the borough.