Don’t stay silent on nuisance noise

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One of the biggest challenges that our residents face is noise, particularly during the summer and with some lockdown restrictions lifted. Socialising has increased, and windows are being left open throughout the night to keep homes cooler. As a result, noise complaints have increased to around 30% of anti-social behaviour cases we are currently working to resolve.

Living in Westminster means that you are a part of a dynamic, vibrant, and diverse environment. We expect you to accept a certain level of noise from day-to-day living and be tolerant of other people’s lifestyles. However, we also hope that everyone will behave acceptably, and that means being mindful of your neighbours and any noise you might be generating.

All residents have the right to quiet enjoyment of their homes, and persistent noise can be detrimental to your quality of life. Types of noise that is anti-social and can be reported to us includes:

  • excessive music or television volume at an inappropriate level
  • use of washing machines late at night
  • household pets
  • group noise from social gatherings, especially after 10pm

It is important to recognise what kind of noise is justified in making a report to us. Common noise reported to us that is not anti-social includes:

  • children playing 
  • doors closing
  • moving furniture
  • hearing footsteps

If you hear machinery, DIY, music, or parties late at night or during the early hours of the morning, you should call our 24-hour noise team on 020 7641 2000. An environmental health officer will respond to your call, provide advice, and attend the location if required to assess the noise level.

If you are having trouble with ongoing and persistent noise from a neighbour, we encourage you to get in touch with us and report it instead of speaking to your neighbour directly. A specialist case manager will get in touch with you within two working days to investigate the matter, explain options available, and agree on an action plan. You can report noise and anti-social behaviour here: .

Police are also on the lookout for any potential parties where music is played loudly and big crowds are gathered (sometimes referred to as raves, Unlicensed Music Events or UMEs). If you have information about any plans for something fitting that description, please email the Police operations room or call 101.