Doing the right thing with your rubbish


Now that we’re heading into summer and the weather is heating up, please continue to remember to dispose of your rubbish correctly. 

This includes putting your everyday household waste into your allocated bins, recycling wherever possible and making use of our bulk collection service for larger items, which you can book online (opens new window). This service is free to residents who receive council or housing benefit or otherwise £30 for up to six large items.  

Rubbish left in communal areas or not disposed of in bins or chutes can become unpleasant for other residents for environmental and health reasons. It also poses a fire risk if it is left obstructing exits or escape routes.

We understand that using communal areas can cause concern and stress for some residents due to the health concerns of COVID-19. To ensure the safety of our residents at all times, we have increased the cleaning of communal areas to twice daily, including door handles (such as those on bit chutes and to bin rooms) and lift buttons. Our cleaners are also assisting some residents by moving bin bags into the refuse areas where residents are unable to do this themselves.

We encourage you to please dispose of your rubbish properly where you are able to, and to continue to be mindful and respectful of your fellow residents. Everyone has a role to play in keeping safe and this includes upholding your roles and responsibilities as a tenant and leaseholder even during these unprecedented times.  

You can also help us keep our estates clean and safe by contacting us when you see fly tipping so we can remove any risk and investigate to prevent this from reoccurring.