Contactless QR code check-in at housing service centres and halls

Image of telephone app

The NHS Test and Trace service (opens new window) will help to control the rate of COVID-19 reproduction (R), reduce the spread of infection and save lives. 

That is why from 24 September 2020 you will be asked to check-in when you visit any of our community halls or housing services centre by appointment. By playing your part through the actions set out below, you will directly help to contain the virus by reducing its spread. 

All of our locations are registered with a ‘COVID-19 Secure’ plan to help keep everyone safe and now have QR signage on display for an easy, secure and contactless check-in.

By downloading and using the new NHS COVID-19 app, you will be be helping protect those around you – friends, family, colleagues and local communities. By using the free app, you will be helping us all to live our lives as safely and normally as possible

You don't have to write out your details, just scan the unique QR code using the camera on your phone and follow the prompts. It is easy and secure.

Your details will only be used by the NHS Track and Trace service and you will be notified if you may have been exposed to coronavirus at a location you've checked in to.

The app uses Bluetooth so shouldn’t drain your phone battery, especially if you normally have Bluetooth enabled. It helps the NHS track the virus, not individuals. Any data shared with the app is held on your phone, nobody, including the government, will know who or where you are, or have been. You can delete the app and all data at any time.

Be ready when you next visit us - get the NHS COVID-19 app today (opens new window).