Broadband is coming to your community hall

Shaista Miah

We’re modernising our community facilities by installing high speed broadband across our halls. Dryburgh Community Hall is the latest venue to have a tech makeover, which will transform the lives of its many users.

The Abbots Manor estate hall is one of 12 venues benefiting from the council’s commitment - to enable access to the best internet facilities for housing residents.

Shaista Miah, a resident representative, said getting 5G will benefit the many small businesses and community groups who use the hall. He said:

“This will make a big difference to us and help us with the work we do on behalf of residents who use our service.

“We have been using the office in the hall for 15 years and the internet we had was okay – but switching to something faster will save us money. It will mean that I can fill out resident’s housing benefit and job applications quickly and not wait ages for the internet to load.”

Several different companies will be carrying out work on estates across Westminster to lay cables which will provide access to a fair and competitive market for high speed internet. This means more residents will benefit from the council’s City for All pledge to help our communities to connect through 5G and high speed

Over the coming months, you will be contacted by one or more of the companies active in the borough, which currently include Community Fibre, Hyperoptic and Virgin Media.

They will provide details about the work on your estate and how to sign up to their broadband deal. However, you are under no obligation to sign up to internet services.

We will continue to install broadband in our community halls. Whether you need internet access for your community group, or just want a local environment to use the service, all our halls will be Wi-Fi enabled by 2021.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us on 0800 358 3783 or