Bringing the community together through Westminster Connects

Volunteers for Westminster Connects

We have recruited over 2,400 volunteers and 40 organisations to the Westminster Connects network (opens new window) which we set up to support those in need during this time. We are as always humbled by the amazing community spirit in Westminster.

Our housing services resident engagement team have been helping this new initiative by providing food parcels to those in need across our estates and beyond. Whilst Unity Kitchen, based on the 19th floor of Westminster City Hall, has turned into a production line for food for vulnerable people, producing two meals a day for 450 people experiencing homelessness across the city.

We are all in this together and we are committed to ensuring that those that need help will receive it. That's why we have been busy making weekly calls to check in on our residents most in need including those are over 70 to find out how they are coping during these challenging times and have a virtual cup of tea. This way we are keeping an eye out for all members of our community who are isolated, fragile or just need to be linked with help to stay at home safely.

If you need help or you know of anyone who needs help as a result of COVID-19, call us on 020 7641 1222 or email

If you are concerned about an adult who you think requires social care and support or you have a safeguarding concern, phone 020 7641 1444 or 020 7641 1175 or email

If you are concerned about a child and you have a safeguarding concern, phone: 0207 641 4000 or email

If you want to volunteer, register with us (opens new window).